Woman – Women we must do better!


Can we all sit together for a second and discuss one of the issues in today’s society.

When you see another woman down, do you lend a hand or judge?

If your friend is harming herself in any way, do you tell her the truth or do you turn the cheek and act like the issue is okay?

When you know of another woman who is sexually confused, has been sexually insulted or has had any other form of violence brought against her do you try and talk it out with her or continue to watch her suffer deeply inside?

If we are walking away from potential dangerous situations within our communities with other women (friends, family and strangers) then how can you really claim to be a strong woman ourselves? A supportive woman? A friend?

There are more issues to be discussed but to start off can we find a way to come together more often than to party? Can we embrace each other and remind each other that no one can make us feel as beautiful, smart, vigilant, social, creative and natural than we can.

Think about the last time a woman complimented you…how did that make you feel? You probably thought “damn that woman is the shit too.” This needs to happen more often! Give props when they are do! Don’t be afraid!

Sometimes we forget this thing called SELF LOVE and how important it is. How important it is that we express deep appreciation for ourselves and each other…daily.

If we loved ourselves deeper there would be no room for bullshit because we would understand deeply our souls/spirits worth we would except nothing less than what we know we deserved.

I as a woman, know that we have difficulties in this society so we need to support each other, heal each other and embrace each other, we don’t need to bash and hate.

It’s unnecessary and a form of oppression, so lets stop doing that shit and elevate the woman, it’s our duty as women. Don’t wait around for the man to do it, we got this and they will see and start reflecting our behaviors.

Let’s add to this and talk about it?

Add your thoughts in the comments, it’s appreciated.


F R E E D O M.

You wait many days for freedom to grace your presence.

You wait for the knock at your soul.

You wait for the stars to align, you wait until the days grow cold.

What do you do until freedom knocks at your soul?

You hold on to your soul, hold it close.

You try to live in a world full of false freedom fighters.

Your mind full of clutter, your memory full of past.

Freedom is your only escape.

What is freedom to a woman living in a prison world?

How does she yarn for something she’s never tasted. But she can’t wait for freedom to rest in her soul.

Imagination is her occupation, dreaming of those days were her body is not subjected to judgement, were she can be free to be who she has always imagined a FREE woman.

Remaining patient until freedom knocks at her soul.

Freedom lingers above her crown, she goes to reach her fingertips just to find she has no grip on FREEDOM.

She closes her eyes to escape, looks for freedom that way, she tries to call her soul to the string of light.

Visually she spots freedom and freedom never looked so damn good!

She opens her eye to realize that the thing called freedom is SHE! The goodness she always waited to be.

She looked deep inside her soul and grabbed the light, previously she waited for freedom to come to her but freedom she found by searching and understanding.

Freedom ain’t free, freedom no one else provides! FREEDOM IS SHE!

-Imani Smith

Birth to Underground Music

Yes, Alice Smiths “the one” is brilliant and flowing. Her deep vocals make your skin create a layer of goose bumps.

She expresses her Queen mentality on this track, singing about how she is not the one to to be played with and you basically can bounce.


We all may have had similar situations as Alice, escaping it through our ways and making sure the player is exposed in the process.

But anyway…

I first heard this song on “Being Mary Jane” and I couldn’t help but search for the rest, the soulful melody stuck out and I dived in…fully!

Alice was born and raised in DC and went back and forth to Augusta, Georgia where she was surrounded by gospel and soulful influences.

Her music is adored by many who understand the deepness and passion behind her words.  Alice is not just a singer, she writes and produces music that is next level.

Her latest album “she” is the shit, check it out.

Alice Smith Soundcloud

Birth to Underground Music.


Balam Acab – “Now Time”

Mix it up and throw it in the pot to simmer in the soul.

The veins jump. The heart beats. The blood flows.

The mind shifts back and forth to the rhythm of the beat.

It’s nothing like a magical song that you hear for the first time and it leaves you stuck and wanting more. You find yourself pressing repeat, over and over again until you convince yourself to snap out of it.

It has been so many times I stumbled across a song from a artist  and completely fell in love.

I thought it would be cool to share one or two songs a week that has truly inspired me…in hopes you will be inspired too.

Balam Acab is a twenty four year old producer originally from Pennsylvania. Alec Koon better known as “Balam Acab”  produces some of the most deep, trance, atmospheric electronic music. Pouring universal energy into what he creates as it reflects throughout his mixes. Acab has dropped two EP’s so far in his career, both hitting the spot. Check out See Birds and Wander Wonder when the time is right.




Thanks….but I don’t give a damn.

This holiday we all have something to say right. So let me say my peace right quick.

Gkusoul "support system"We are living in a world that is beyond superficial. Why are we spending money on shit we don’t need. Why are spending more time on Facebook than with our loved ones.

Why are we breaking our backs for ungrateful children, ungrateful friends and family. I’m not putting question marks after these sentences because shit we all know why already.

I just don’t understand how we run around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week struggling to survive, struggling to be happy and then when the holidays come around we all put on a act.

“Oh hey cuz, I’ve been great.” When in actuality you was just crying in the car before you walked in the door.

We find two days out the year to celebrate togetherness when at any moment of our lives we can lose that person we only get to hug on Christmas.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see the point of the bullshit act.

I ain’t knocking your way of celebrating. I’m just shooting for us all to become more thankful throughout the days, weeks and years.

See me I don’t have a huge family so those around me I celebrate daily, because I know what it feels like to lose three of the most important people in my life within three years.

Each time I thought damn I should have hugged them more, I should have called them on regular days, I should have flew to the South just to say hello..I miss you!

But instead I was too busy living a life that I didn’t realize that everyday counted…and the holidays were just bonuses.

So on this “Thanksgiving” the one ya’ll choosing to celebrate for a reason that I know nothing of…make a promise to love that cousin more often, call that auntie weekly just to say your thankful for her energy.

Because our families deserve more love throughout the days, not just on fake ass holidays named after killers and  someone none of us have ever seen.

The title is there because I don’t give a damn about only loving my family on holidays. I give a damn about loving them daily. 

Art by: GKUSOUL “Support System”

15 ways to stay above waters.

How do you stay on track in the crazed world of the 21st Century? This is a question that can be answered by many people with tons of different views.

Yes we all feel the radiation of today – meaning we all feel the thick energy in today’s air that can creep up and attack at any second and before we know it we’re off track and trying to regain balance.

So I wanted to post some ways I try to stay on track and out the loop of craziness. 

  1. Realize there is no one superior over you, your actions or your thoughts.
  2. Find ways to stay above waters, learn to swim just in cause you start sinking.
  3. Find your mission in life rather it’s in a craft (medium of art) or simply going around picking up and beautifying the community.
  4. Realize who you are and what you want to stand for and stand by it as an individual.
  5. Have morals – this is really important because with no morals no one will respect you or anything you stand for because you’ll  easily stand for anything.
  6. Respect yourself in all ways!
  7. Don’t believe the hype – the she say – he say! Don’t ever want to fit in with a crowd just because their is a crowd gathered. I’m saying this because people at all ages can forget this very thought.
  8. Don’t spend to much time listening and watching what others have to say (negative) rather it’s in media, social networking or your peers.
  9. Ditch the two plus social networks you have that aren’t beneficial to your life (career) or progression.
  10. Find your inner beauty and love yourself with all you have, you can’t fail with this. If you love and respect your inner and outer no one will ever be able to belittle you.
  11. Do meditation and/or yoga two plus times a week to keep balanced and stress free. This will also benefit you when it comes to balancing your thoughts and actions. Meditation and yoga gives you deep reasoning behind your actions and spirituality.
  12. Learn that karma is real so what you put out you will get back.
  13. Do daily research and keep up to date on politics, rights of the people, women rights, media issues and whatever else needs attention so that you can be able to speak on wide categories.
  14.  Let go of the thought of ever being 100% perfect or anywhere near it, bring in the thought of being able to be the best you can be in your current and future situations.
  15. Be adventurous, be courageous, be spontaneous, fearless, revolutionary, and so much more! Never give up and keep swimming!

Imani Smith

“A love that must be forgotten.”


Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you met them a million times before.

It felt like a dream that you didn’t want to wake from. It felt like you wanted to bathe in the moment forever but you knew you couldn’t.

I met someone like that, he was the greatest and (quickest)feeling I had ever known. Just writing this gives me chills.

It was so pure, it felt like it was magic. Maybe it was just me though. Magic don’t come your way everyday, so you can understand why I’ve held on to such a feeling like this one.

But…I can’t touch you because you’re so far away, I can’t breath your air because you aren’t close and it feels like my heart is ripping from my chest every time I think of the moments we shared.

I know you don’t feel the same because if you did, you would tell me.

I know that your mind is occupied, but so is mine and you still find your way into my thoughts creating a pattern in the dark.

It was such a sad moment to watch you walk away leaving me here with this feeling, it made me feel hopelessly in love with a stranger.

I am here to be honest because I must be in order to heal myself of this deep rooted feeling. It doesn’t work though because even when I’m honest I still feel myself feeling you.

It’s weird how this all is, it’s weird how you find your soulmate and in two seconds they’re gone like the wind that brushes across your face on a windy day.

I can’t stop this feeling and every since you I’ve tried to find it within myself because I figured if I could love anyone as much as I felt for you I would be okay.

When I decide to tell you how I feel I just run away because I can’t face the fact that you slipped away, never to be returned again. Never to let me feel your skin on mine, never to let my heart beat float into yours, never to see your eyes again.

Your brown skin is what I dream of most, your skin is such a melanated masterpiece I just can’t erase out of my memory. What the fuck has gotten into me, I ask myself this daily.

I ask myself am I living in an illusion that has me thinking that this could be love. I doubt you even think of me. Even if you don’t, I do and the suffering I feel from it I can’t describe instead I ride the feeling, I hide the feeling because it’s better that way.

At least I can think clearly once these thoughts are out, at least I can say I…tried.

I may be insane but I’m honest.

-Imani Smith

Black Owned Businesses.

Top 10 Black Owned Businesses to shop at this Black Friday.

10 black businesses jhandpaints  bware dart

 Shit if you ask me, we should be shopping black everyday not just shouting about it one day out the year. I have some amazing friends that make amazing shit and I want them to feel supported so they are able to keep elevating. Also most are having a sale this weekend so get yo ass to shopping!

1.  BwareTheBrand, LLC

Brandi Boulware is a young talented Queen representing the D, expressing herself through jewelry making. Not only is she wrapping some of the flyest pieces she also has started her business 100% herself. BwareTheBrand specializes in making custom wire wrapped crystals, making herbal teas to cleanse the inside of your temple and bath soaks that make you feel like royalty. Brandi’s designs are unique and eye catching. NEVER duplicated!

“Body jewelry for the mind’s healing, tea for the soul and bath soaks for purification.” -BewareTheBrand

Email: Bwarethebrand@gmail.com

Website: Bwarethebrand.bigcartel.com

2. Danni Little

Danni Little is an all around creative kind of woman, every time you check out her social media she has created something different that blows your mind. This Queen can make everything from a custom crochet rug to unique handmade wooden earrings, wire wrapped jewelry and sweet ass knitted beanies.  You are guaranteed to be looking fly with one of her items! She puts love into every piece of work she does, and you can tell from her happy customers, so you should become one and stop by her Etsy shop.

Website: DanniLittle.com

Etsy: Danni Little’s Etsy

3. Ashley for Alley and Eye

Ashley Michele has been going hard in the eyewear game for sometime now and has everyone in the D rocking the flyest shades. I ask at least two people a day where they get their glasses and their responses always point back to Alley and Eye. She is rocking it out! Always having new goods for the fashion lovers, the shade throwers and the people that love to wear glasses at night time.

Website: AlleyandEye.com

Facebook: AlleyandEye

4. Radha Adaora for Adaornment

Shit, this Goddess has the juice literally she has the juice and the body butters and the healing hands that will heal you beyond belief. Adaora is the founder of Adaornment and Sage Smoke which are events dedicated to healing the hood. Adaora spirit is felt before she enters the room and definitely demands your attention. A fiery ball of light is how I describe her, she puts so much love and healing into her products that you are guaranteed to call her the next day asking where you can get some more. Not only is she whipping handmade butters/oils in her spare time she also is a reiki master, writer and crocheter. Find her unique pieces on her Etsy.

Etsy: AdaornmentEtsy

Facebook: HouseofAdaornment

5. Isaiah Orton-Bey for Moor Herbs

Isaiah is a phenomenal King who specializes in mixing herbs that heal you from the inside ultimately resulting in an overall positive cleansed spirit. Isaiah describes his herbs as a “High Science Formulae” in a bottle and that is exactly what they are. Moor Herbs has everything you need to get you right! Herbs that clean out mucus, parasites, your colon, liver, kidneys and whatever else you need to detox the body; he has it for you. Check him out, he is always willing to lend advice for your specific issue. Even if you think your the healthiest person ever, his herbs can help you maintain that feeling.

Website: MoorHerbs.com

Facebook: MoorHerbs

6. Jasmine Harris for Cr8ive Minds

Cr8ive Minds visual company was started by a Queen name Jasmine whose passion for art drove her to start creating solid art pieces all around Detroit. Jasmine creates t-shirts, paintings, murals, graphics, handmade wooden pieces and so much more. Her portfolio speaks for itself and if you want some of the best work in the D, call her up and she will get you right!

“Cr8ive Minds is a Visual company who’s focus is bringing back the foundation of staying True 2 Self by following your dreams, whatever they may be.”

Website: Cr8iveminds

Facebook: Cr8iveminds

7. Sassi Blaque for Bourgeois Bohemian

Sassi  has created some of the most amazing gear I have ever seen! She takes your old, boring and almost out the door clothing and transforms it into a masterpiece. The masterpiece is created using a tie-dye technique. I mean who doesn’t love a one of a kind tie-dye piece, shit I do! Bourgeois Bohemian is a lifestyle brand focusing on unique apparel that helps you feel like a boss and illuminates your individual creativity. If you want a piece, go check her out and tell her your idea and she will get you walking in style.

Facebook: Bourgeois Bohemian

8. Jessica Strahan for Jhand Paints

Jessica’s art is one of a kind, it’s bright and rich in cultural. Residing in New Orleans (one of the greatest places ever) she paints art the describes the African culture. Not only does she do a phenomenal job at painting portraits of African people she also makes earrings and other designs that stand out. Everytime she post something I find myself staring at it for minutes wondering how the hell does she get so much life into her paintings! For inquires email her or check out her instagram.

Email: Jhandpaints@gmail.com

Instagram: JhandPaints

9. Colibri Harris for DanahanArt

“Danahan Art offers mobile paint parties for adults and children in the Metro Detroit area.  You get to choose the painting you’ll craft on canvas. Our mobile parties are taught by an experienced artist and are perfect for women, men, children, church groups, team building events, and anyone interested in unleashing the artist within.” Check out DanahanArt if you want to do something different for your next celebration, you are guaranteed to remember this time for years to come. You can also enjoy 20% off when you refer someone which I know you will!

Website: DanahanArt.com

Facebook: DanahanArt

10. Elle Maxwell for The Regal People and JEMN

Shit where do we start with this Goddess, she brings the flavor from every direction. Inspiring some of the dopest and creative minds around. Elle and her partner creates fly garments from scratch, I mean sewing that shit together themselves, designing every piece to uniquely serve. It’s amazing to see their creative juices flow into magic. The Regal People, LLC does not play and you can tell from what they put out. Not only are they sewing it up they also create art and music that bangs so damn hard! I will be writing for days trying to describe the many things this power couple does…so you should just run and check them out now!

Website: TheRegalPeopleOnline.com

Instagram: The Regal People
JEMN Website: JEMN

BE on the lookout for more Black Owned Business to shop at….if you have any that you love share them and I will add them to our list!

Please check out ElevateDailly.com coming to you December 9, 2015.

Also share so we can get more people to become aware and shop BLACK.

The Oceans Lover.

If love was the ocean, i’d bath in it.

Dropping everything to go take a swim.

Dropping down in the ocean to feel its embrace.

Immersing myself under the currents of its love.

Knowing that the ocean is my lover and I’m the supporter.

I know I am one with this love from the way it sweeps across my soul.

I don’t need any other lover because my lover is an element of the universe.

I am complete, deeply serene.

-Imani Smith