Convergence Journalism

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Lab 1 (First Idea):  “Dealing with Racial Stereotypes”

Lab 2 : Many Places, Many Places! Where are OU Students From? 

Lab 3: “Prison Activism in the 21st Century”

Caption Practice: “Organic Farm Stand at OU” 

Lab 4: “Feature on Juliet Oppenheim”

Lab 5: Audio- “What’s happening to note taking in the 21st Century?”

Lab: Simple Digital Story

Lab Reflection on Podcast: (New) Podcast Review 

Lab 7: “Food Deserts and How to Make a Difference”

Final: Beat Assignment

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+Night Melodies+

Spooky Black “Without You”

One day my lover and I were chilling in the car before we embarked on one of our wild nights in the city of Detroit. He requested that he be the DJ for the night, of course I looked like “nothing can really top my choices,” but I handed him my phone with a smirk.

At first I was worried (he has wonderful taste in music – but he also likes Lil B haha.)

Anyway lol

What he turned on blew my mind  right away. The song sounded really familiar to my ear. I had previously heard this song chopped and screwed from one of my favorite DJ’s. I turned it up!

I am a super fan of slow mo, chopped and screwed and mystical music that takes me to cloud nine. This was the song of my dreams….well one of the songs of my dreams.

I looked in his eyes and you’ll know one why soon as you press play.

Ya’ll don’t need to know what happened next…


A little about Corbin Smidzik better known as Spooky Black.

Spooky has major r&b influences.  From Saint Paul, Minnesota he is not only killing the game solo but he also kills it as a member of the hip hop/r&b collective the Stand4rd. Spooky Black Soundcloud has put him on the map especially with the hit “Without You,” produced by him back in 2014. If your anything like me you were shocked when you heard his voice and then matched it with his face….but you get over that part pretty fast once your in the zone. He chops it up and literally leaves you playing his music fifty times in a row. He has a fan in me!

we got this.


To all people.

To all parts of the Earth, may peace manifest into every corner of of our hearts and our spaces.

Protection over our spirit and our mental.

We are witnesses of our reality that we try to shape positively in our daily lives.

May we elevate and never have to suppress our happiness.

We are light beings and we walk as such.

We attract abundance in the most gracious, humble and honored way and we receive what we put out.

We waste no words on negativity and we damn sure don’t accept it.

We rise, heal and become more powerful.

Never doubt it.


LOGO on deck!


Peace and Love everyone, here is ElevateDailyy’s new logo, I want to know what you think of the concept.

As a lot of you may know I am a lover of the eye of protection…this isn’t quit the Egyptian Horus Eye but it will be used for some of the same purposes.

This logo represents ELEVATION, hence the half triangle at the top. The bottom half triangle represents “as above so below.” We must elevate from the crown to the root and to the root to the crown in order for us to elevate in balance.

Hope you enjoy.

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