Lab 2: Many places, many faces! Where are OU students from?

Many students attend Oakland University campus each year.

Oakland University sits on 1,443 acres of wooded hills and meadows.

In the Fall you can enjoy your coffee and homework in one of the many hammocks by the water which makes studying a lot more enjoyable.

This campus inspires me daily and obviously many others.

According to Oakland University’s Fast Facts, in the Fall of 2015 the student population was 20,711 and that number keeps rising.

My classmates and I conducted a small crowdsourcing experiment asking the simple question “Where are you from?”

Brittany, Kendra and I all interviewed students about where they came from and where they are now.

Little did we know…a lot of students come from right here in Auburn Hills but not all, one student traveled all the way from Saudi Arabia to attend school.

All my sources lived on campus and enjoy the campus life. Trish one of my sources stated she would rather live on campus then at home because it’s nothing like campus life and always having access to our 24 hour library.

I know I personally commute from Detroit, four days a week and it’s hard but worth it when you come to a campus like Oakland.

Down below you will find a Google Map that we created with a list of students and where they reside.

We sourced eleven all together but just imagine if OU did a whole survey of where people come from….we would be shocked to know where people have traveled to come here.

Many faces, many places of OU students!