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Somewhere in a parallel universe I imagine Wax Poetic’s “Angels” playing as I flout towards the stars with my eyes closed feeling my skin tingle from the pure bliss of the melodies.

I became a fan of Wax Poetic in 2016 when I first heard Angels. I started to play this in my slow flow yoga classes and my students loved it. The soothing tones of Norah Jones vocals on this track made everyone fall in love. Norah later left the group when she decided to go solo in 2002 with her song “Come Away With Me,” but continues to show up now and then joining Wax Poetic as a vocalist.

Wax Poetic is an New York based band who arrived to the scene in the early 2000s and has never left. llhan Ersahin who is the tenor saxophone and keys player in the group founded the band in 1997 where they quickly started jamming together in the NYC night life. The group currently is made up of six members including Sissy Clemens, Gabriel Gordon, Kenny Wollesen, Tina Kristina, Zeke Zima and Ersahin .

Ilhan wanted to create a group that infused his love for soulful tunes, jazz and pop and Wax Poetic is just that. Not only do they jam with six divine members, they also are not shy of collaborating with other artist to bring their visions of sound orgasms to life. Many collabs feature Saul Williams, N’dea Davenport, Jochen Rueckert,Paul Ogunsalo and many more.

All six of them bring something unique to the blend. The band is known for its drum and bass and dance elements that they cook up so perfectly. Angels is a futuristic jazz track that slips elements of deep house and ambient; where it can quickly become white noise or completely grab your attention and keep it there over and over again.

This track was released under Caramelle Recordings in 2003 and become one of their best most listened to songs. Wax Poetic is now with Atlantic and Nublu record labels which was started by Ilhan.

Wax Poetic doesn’t plan to stop producing music anytime soon and the best advise I can give you is to continue to listen and take in every ounce of what Wax has to offer.

Here is another one of my favorite tunes from Wax Poetic:

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