Midnight Melodies.



A young LA native who produces some of the most amazing hip hop beats that naturally make you want to dive in his magical flavors of  style.

Producing music since he was 14 and continuing to elevate, Shlomo is hitting the list of perfect tunes to vibe out to and take a trip.

Listen to the EP and find out why he is going down in the perfect Midnight Melodies playlist.

drift her.

uplift her.

the power is within her.




Midnight Melodies.


If you know me you know I love bedroom music. Chop and screw me, give me weird voices…that’s my favorite type of shit. That’s why I love Savon plus he’s super young and from Michigan. This guy is one of my favorite producers. Total gem to the ears…

Be on the lookout for more masterpieces from this artist!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/beatsbysavon

New Detroit, same ass shit.



So while some of us are celebrating Detroit’s come up, many locals are steadily being treated like the dirt underneath Dan Gilbert’s fancy boots.

Twenty four years of living in the city and I have yet to see much effort around the build up of the people who are actually suffering due to the lack of resources.

The sudden change has me feeling less and less hopeful for my future here. If anything the new changes are turning me all the way off, the new hipsters make me vomit and the New York style traffic is starting to make me want to scream. Sadly, it’s making me plan to relocate to a place that accepts my kind of people (middle class/skating on thin ice towards the poverty line) with equal opportunities.

I cringe at the way the people from out of town are slowly creeping in acting like they have been here for years through all the bullshit.

If you weren’t here when Detroit had to file for bankruptcy you ain’t trill, if you weren’t here when we were named the most violent big city in the nation you ain’t trill, if you weren’t around when we had to have an emergency manager come in and reck DPS even more than it was already you ain’t trill, when Kwame had that party at the mansion – you ain’t trill, if you weren’t around when most of us became numb to the fact that our communities have been forgotten about and looked at as warzones….you ain’t trill! Now, there are a lot of reasons that Detroit has seen worse days – those are just a few.

If you weren’t here during the difficult times how can you be a real part of the shiney come up? Your money is the only thing that suggest that you are apart of the change happening. Money may be everything to you but to some of us…money has been one of those hard things to come by. Detroit residents has struggled to get money every since the crash of the auto industry and the riots that came from the devastation of thousands of jobs lost.

I have heard every story in the book though, front to back-side to side about how “New Detroit” is good for the locals. “It brings so many opportunities to the creative and music scene,” “Why wouldn’t you want to be apart of the development?” Well the reason is because the development of Detroit does not seem include me or many of the other amazing locals.

I still struggle to live and rent a home in some of the same areas where they are moving New Yorkers and other rich kids into for exclusive rates that seem to go over my budget seeing that this black entrepreneur has yet to see a financial break.

We have artist from different calibers who have been working for years on top of years to finally get their shine and recognition they deserve to only be left in the shadow.  We have over 100,000 residents according to the Huffington Post being displaced from their homes in 2015, unexpectedly due to tax foreclosures. Since early 2005, MLive has reported 1-3 homes in Detroit have been foreclosed due to back taxes and mortgage defaults, that leaves 139,699 homes foreclosed and 384,672 unaccounted for. The bigger catch is…families occupy a lot of the homes up on the chopping block (the numbers have slightly risen or fallen but the point remains the same.)

Unfortunately, the same people that were threatened with eviction were some of the same people that faced water shut-offs when the city of Detroit felt they could put water/money over people’s human right.

With a population of over 80% of blacks in Detroit we have yet to see the areas where we are supported. Black owned businesses are struggling to keep their doors open while we are seeing people move in next door with lower rent prices and better opportunities.

Where is the change directed I ask, I hate to make this a race issues, but it’s obvious that minorities have to bite the bullet AGAIN! It’s not just black people, note that – it’s all people that don’t fit the new style of gentrified.

In the same Midtown, which is really Cass Corridor you see development happening at a rapid pace while right down the street at the NSO (Neighborhood Service Organization) you can clearly see the displacement of the people forced in one area. The NSO has been around for over 60 years helping provide care for the mentally ill, homeless and forgotten about. We can see where the line is drawn, it may be invisible to you but it’s there. Our population of homelessness in the city of Detroit according to the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness is well over 90,000 individuals. We have plenty of room for them in the city with the unoccupied space, it’s just the unoccupied space isn’t up for grabs for such people.

I could keep going on about the changes occurring but to waste my time is not something I like to do.

I just want the locals to know that until we buy land, build our own homes, learn to grow food and heal our community we will continue to be looked at as foreigners on our own soil. If we can’t depend on the support of the new development then at least we can start to occupy areas of the city that aren’t apart of the shiney come up in their eyes. We have amazing space and opportunity on the East and West side of Detroit, if they want us out of “Midtown,” we walk with pride to the next abandoned block and take over…completely. No, it’s not giving up it’s becoming smarter and more logical. Who has time to argue with millionaires? They don’t understand our struggle.

Once we take our dollar out of “Midtown” we began to see what big part of the land can be invested in. First step is, search your heart out for the space that needs energy, combine your energy and resources with spaces that need support – no money like me? Invest in more small business when you can, volunteer to support those affected by change. It all counts, a little and a lot!

New Detroit, we the locals are fighters; can’t you tell? We been living in a zone where ya’ll declared a state of emergency, we don’t die easy we get stronger from struggle so if you think this shit gone fly…

Think again!


A local of Detroit, with pride!


For the last two nights I have been rising at various times.

Out of nowhere my eyes pop open and I am left laying in bed staring out the window into the darkness. I try not to over analyze what this may mean but all I know is that something isn’t balanced within my system rather its emotions, health system or spirit. wakeup

Something just ain’t adding up.

I would share what has manifested over the last few days but there is no need but the energy is still trapped inside my body. Releasing is hard  to do especially when there are more than one person involved in the process.

Me waking in the middle of the night more than two times is a sign that I must uncover and bring to the surface the feelings I am facing. Usually I’m the one like “I’m cool,” “No biggie,” “Shit happens,” but this time I’m doing that all the while not feeling that way at all.

Not to mention here in Michigan it’s so damn gloomy the sun comes out twice a week at the max and I am just stuck simmering….over boiling.

When I woke up this morning I asked myself “what the hell is going on Imani, talk to me,” so I talked to myself and figured it out.

The power we posses is so infinite.

The talk with myself made me realize the problem. The problem I was trying to sweep under the rug instead of healing from.

We cannot move forward without first healing, at least for me it sends signals to my spirit and body that I am going about it all wrong.

Funny thing is apart of me feels amazing, liberated and free but then another part of me feels sad, depressed and unsure. I made a remark on social media about nothing phasing me then realized after all; that I am being phased rather I agree or not.

Being phased is one thing, being broken is another…and broken I am not!

This all needed to come out.

I wrote it out.




Okay so we all have made it through to the next cycle – the next phase – the bloom (rather you acknowledge January 1st as a New Year or not,) you made it!

How do you feel? Was it a magical spark in your soul at midnight? Was you popping champagne and kissing your boo at the ball drop?

Shoot, either way you up in this bitch! power

I learned a great lesson going into 2016….to always go with your first mind and never let someone convince you otherwise.  I also learned the power of my thoughts and behavior which resulted in me calmly rejecting negativity and being more powerful than what was trying to present itself.

It felt good to put my power to the test and that made me realize my 2016 theme:

“Utilize your power and see where it goes”

Now when people hear “power”they sometimes think of it in a negative way but to me there’s also a positive power out there that we all posses. The power of controlling our destinies, the power of digging deeper into the soul, the power of controlling the emotions, the power of balancing, the power of releasing, the power of opening up, the power of healing…I mean you get it!

You are the power, no one else has power over you UNLESS you take that power away from yourself and freely give it to someone else.

We all can reach our highest potential simply by putting the effort into that direction with our powerful actions and words.

Have you ever realized when you feel out and down you either soak in that shit or you overpower it and say enough is enough?!

So that’s what I mean when I say “utilize your power and see where it goes,” Change your emotions, have power and control over them, use logic and power to outweigh those emotions you are feeling.

Make time to find your potential of power, embrace it and run with that shit!

You can’t be fearful of the power you posses because misery loves power and fear is misery.

Sit with your power.

Be humble with your power.

Spread your power for the positive so you can attract what needs to be attracted into your life.

Don’t belittle your power, its infinite.

If you understand the power of hate, you understand the power of love.

Open up the Chakras to a flowing amount of power. Tap into each Chakra so that you use the power you posses to align yourself so that you are at peace, elevated and protected.

Be careful though because when you start to utilize your power you will defiantly come into encounter with blood sucking power spirits.   Especially ones that want you to do negative with the power you have come into, don’t let them get to you – you are a positive powerful being greater will come from this aspect.

I can go on for days about ways to utilize this power – but I believe in saying just enough for you to go out and search yourself. So peace to your powerful journey!

Peace to you powerful beings.

Go move mountains.