For the last two nights I have been rising at various times.

Out of nowhere my eyes pop open and I am left laying in bed staring out the window into the darkness. I try not to over analyze what this may mean but all I know is that something isn’t balanced within my system rather its emotions, health system or spirit. wakeup

Something just ain’t adding up.

I would share what has manifested over the last few days but there is no need but the energy is still trapped inside my body. Releasing is hard  to do especially when there are more than one person involved in the process.

Me waking in the middle of the night more than two times is a sign that I must uncover and bring to the surface the feelings I am facing. Usually I’m the one like “I’m cool,” “No biggie,” “Shit happens,” but this time I’m doing that all the while not feeling that way at all.

Not to mention here in Michigan it’s so damn gloomy the sun comes out twice a week at the max and I am just stuck simmering….over boiling.

When I woke up this morning I asked myself “what the hell is going on Imani, talk to me,” so I talked to myself and figured it out.

The power we posses is so infinite.

The talk with myself made me realize the problem. The problem I was trying to sweep under the rug instead of healing from.

We cannot move forward without first healing, at least for me it sends signals to my spirit and body that I am going about it all wrong.

Funny thing is apart of me feels amazing, liberated and free but then another part of me feels sad, depressed and unsure. I made a remark on social media about nothing phasing me then realized after all; that I am being phased rather I agree or not.

Being phased is one thing, being broken is another…and broken I am not!

This all needed to come out.

I wrote it out.



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