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(NEW) Podcast Review.

Don’t We All Just want to be Happy?

Two weeks ago I started to listen to the UK  podcast called “Zestology” with Tony Wrighton. The show focuses on living with positive energy, vitality, motivation, health, confidence, great sleep and more.


I listened anxiously hoping to find tools that would lead me to a little more balance as we are heading into the middle of the semester. Things are picking up and energy is spreading pretty thin. I kept hope alive as I scrolled through all 87 of Tony’s podcast.

Every one caught my attention so I started from the introduction and worked my way up. Zestology focuses on shows that literally motivate you to live in balance. Nothing is easy but with a few tips we are guaranteed to move in a upward direction.

One of my favorite episodes talked about the “7 Secrets of Happiness” with author Gyles Brandreth. Brandreth highlighted the everyday challenges that people all over the world face, rather it was work stress, school stress, family stress or stress that just comes from the lack of having something you want in this life.

“I can not only be expanding your life but I could be also extending your life by seven to ten years,” Brandreth says as he starts to share a few of the seven secrets with the listeners.

The first secret included “be a leaf on a tree,” – free flowing, unique and strong. Be attached to a larger growing organism. Second secret included compassion and passion, compassion among others and having passions that motivate you and radiate you. “Essentially you need a passion to sustain you, when things go wrong,” or in general. Brandreth went on to talk about the other secrets to a beautiful happy life.

I enjoyed this podcast among the other episodes. They all had a wonderful tone that kept me interested and motivated. I recommend anyone who is interested in gathering happiness tools to listen to this.

I have always wanted to start a podcast especially over the last couple of months. I am tuning in to a lot of different shows to gather ideas on tones, themes and etc.

I will continue to keep up with Zestology, because its simply beneficial to my everyday life.

Take a listen on Spotify and tell me what you think.




are you? are we?

Lately I’ve been thinking about this experience we are having as spirits.

Are we really living or are we just existing?

Day by day most of us practice the same routine and may switch it up a bit but overall its usually the same.

Work. Eat. Sleep.

Nhighow you definitely are a few levels up if your able to rise and do you 100% everyday. It seems to take a lot of escaping the fears that are embedded into our souls to be able to let go and live. You are in the 5% of the worlds population who may really be living out their highest physical life.

Lets work on it.

Let’s each take out a pen and piece of paper and write down how much of the things we do every day is what we actually want to be doing, how much of it is routine and also incorporate what is it that we would much rather be doing (be REALISTIC.)

Look at that list.

How does it make you feel?

If your disappointed, don’t be.

We are all beyond capable spirits, think about how much work it takes to just be alive. So why not be all the way alive! Be so alive that every day you are able to do exactly what you want to do organically with not a second thought.

Create that life for yourself.

We can both work on living our fullest potential both spiritually and physically every second of the day.

I need to, too.

It’s not magic but take a chance.


w a i t e d.

Tokimonsta – “I’m Waiting”

See I’m waiting.

Waiting for your footsteps to walk on my soul.

Waiting for your hands to take a hold of my heart.

Waiting for me to lose my breath, waiting for you.

Waiting for you to disappear into the darkness where I swear I found you.

I waited for you to come to light.

Waited for you to become light.

Instead you turned into dust at my feet.

Tried to grab your finger tips before all of you left me.

I collapsed and waited till I couldn’t breath.

I woke up to find it was all a dream and I no longer had to wait for you to appear, you were waiting inside of me.

-Words by Imani Smith


MANIFESTOR : One that Manifest.

I am opening up to the possibility that I am a master m a n i f e s t o r.

My whole life I had the thought in the back of my mind that I was in control of my destiny, even when I knew nothing about the law of attraction.

Detailed image of the Helix Nebula.I use to sit in church during our normal catholic school regimen and wonder if God was this person in a transformer type of get up, directing billions of people left and right. The thought would cross my mind but then quickly fade away when I thought about all the stress it would be to do such a job.

My thoughts were overshadowed with “what if I’m in control,  what if I am the transformer of my destiny,” this seemed more realistic…. more free.

Years later in high school I found Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – a Buddhist philosophy that helps you take control of your life. On top of the bountifulness that came with taking control I also noticed the power in the law of attraction. A power that they didn’t teach while drinking the blood of Jesus Christ.

Something in my spirit said Imani, you are the controller and with the practice I realized this was true in all ways. I didn’t have to wait around for the robotic movement. I could move, groove and create shit that I always dreamed of creating instead of listening to the whole “pray to Jesus and you will receive,” spill.

Now don’t get me wrong I believe in God but God is now me. God isn’t a being in the sky that is directing my destiny. I have slipped away from the thought of God being outside of me, I like to think of the spirit being alive inside and this very belief along with many other rituals has turned me into a master manifestor!

Nothing is easy at all even when you know you are in control, if anything this makes life a little more challenging knowing that I can’t wait around for something to mysteriously happen. What I put out is what I receive back, if I want to manifest a job, home, a million dollars I can if my brain sends the message to the universe it eventually will happen.

Now it’s not magic or shit it kind of is but you have to put in work in order to draw these things into your life. DISCLAIMER – you can manifest whatever you like it doesn’t and shouldn’t only be material stuff but things that help you elevate overall. This helps to show the universe that you aren’t greedy just a creator.

Manifestation can literally transform your life in so many powerful ways. You can go to a dull life to something so bright and sunny.

I have so many stories I could share but I’ll let you be the judge and manifestor of your own destiny. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to wake up and say I will have a wonderful day, I will have abundance and I will succeed and truly see your day unfolding in such a way. With time and practice you will start to create your destiny and become the powerful being that you truly are!

Come back and share your manifestation stories with me in the comments below.

With love,




Okay so we all have made it through to the next cycle – the next phase – the bloom (rather you acknowledge January 1st as a New Year or not,) you made it!

How do you feel? Was it a magical spark in your soul at midnight? Was you popping champagne and kissing your boo at the ball drop?

Shoot, either way you up in this bitch! power

I learned a great lesson going into 2016….to always go with your first mind and never let someone convince you otherwise.  I also learned the power of my thoughts and behavior which resulted in me calmly rejecting negativity and being more powerful than what was trying to present itself.

It felt good to put my power to the test and that made me realize my 2016 theme:

“Utilize your power and see where it goes”

Now when people hear “power”they sometimes think of it in a negative way but to me there’s also a positive power out there that we all posses. The power of controlling our destinies, the power of digging deeper into the soul, the power of controlling the emotions, the power of balancing, the power of releasing, the power of opening up, the power of healing…I mean you get it!

You are the power, no one else has power over you UNLESS you take that power away from yourself and freely give it to someone else.

We all can reach our highest potential simply by putting the effort into that direction with our powerful actions and words.

Have you ever realized when you feel out and down you either soak in that shit or you overpower it and say enough is enough?!

So that’s what I mean when I say “utilize your power and see where it goes,” Change your emotions, have power and control over them, use logic and power to outweigh those emotions you are feeling.

Make time to find your potential of power, embrace it and run with that shit!

You can’t be fearful of the power you posses because misery loves power and fear is misery.

Sit with your power.

Be humble with your power.

Spread your power for the positive so you can attract what needs to be attracted into your life.

Don’t belittle your power, its infinite.

If you understand the power of hate, you understand the power of love.

Open up the Chakras to a flowing amount of power. Tap into each Chakra so that you use the power you posses to align yourself so that you are at peace, elevated and protected.

Be careful though because when you start to utilize your power you will defiantly come into encounter with blood sucking power spirits.   Especially ones that want you to do negative with the power you have come into, don’t let them get to you – you are a positive powerful being greater will come from this aspect.

I can go on for days about ways to utilize this power – but I believe in saying just enough for you to go out and search yourself. So peace to your powerful journey!

Peace to you powerful beings.

Go move mountains.

New Year – New Me?

Yeah yeah, I know some folks dislike this time of year for the many tweets and Facebook updates of people talking about what their going to do different in the new year, who their cutting off and what type of goals they want to obtain.

But my whole thing is….

Why the hell you so mad?

To me this is great! When someone wants to get rid of old energy, anytime they want to set a goal and run after it like no ones business than I’m with it. I want to see people happy and having aspirations in this world, rather its on January 1st or November 19th, I could care less.

If a new year calls for you to bring out the “new year, new me” phrase than I support you 100%.breakingthefuckout

Life is rough, and it seems to be putting more and more people in a funk and when that happens a very thick cloud of funky ass energy starts to spread in the clouds. Would you rather have that? I doubt it.

New determinations mean that people still have hope in the future and that is a fantastic energy to have flowing in the air.

Everyday I try to wake up and set an intention for my day, week or month and yes I do the same for the New Year. Its like we are able to press the reset button of on our track record, we may still have the same problems on January 1st but at least we can look at them in an optimistic way.

We get to leave what we don’t want to take in the future, we also get to sign up for another 365 days of self determination, self love, gratitude, success and much more.

If anything this is a fantastic time to bring a “new you” to the scene.

Become the REAL you!

Put your plans in motion and take action into the direction of elevation!

No more holding back as you move forward in a direction that you trust…shit trust yourself!

The universe is working with us all in order for us to heal ourselves, each other and most importantly the Earth. Without us setting an intention for healing of Mother Earth than none of our goals will manifest….remember that.

We are going to win by stripping away old layers and habits. No one came move forward by staying the same! So embrace it, take advantage of the new cycle because you too can become something higher!

Set it off!


One way to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

wintertreeAhhh the winter time is officially here, though in Detroit we are experiencing plenty of rain and no snow.

I won’t complain even though I am in need of the sun to come from behind the clouds and kiss my melanin but in due time Imani, in due time!

The first day of winter is here, bringing us another time to celebrate and do our rituals. This is a time to invite in the new season and deepen our appreciation for the “ever-changing flow of life” that we all naturally adapt to.

The December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year, after the winter solstice the days become longer and the nights become shorter.

Our ancestors have been doing rituals since the beginning of time, and it’s nice to be able to carry on the tradition and find our own reasons to give thanks.

We probably have all read a million articles by now on how to celebrate the Winter Solstice and I won’t bore you with another one…I promise. I am just going to list one way to celebrate among the million.

I like to celebrate the new season coming into fruition by acknowledging the new season and what it has to offer.

We all usually dread the winter time, we dread cleaning off the car, we dread putting on a million layers and we dread slipping and sliding around in the snow.

The winter isn’t as miserable as we all make it out to be though, we actually can enjoy the winter months with activities that keep us happy and warm.

All of the pretty lights that are strung up around the city and all the wintery drinks that make you feel all tingly inside are something to look forward to.

Just being able to shift our approach and mind frame towards winter can help us open up to the many opportunities the season has to offer.

(nope that wasn’t apart of how to celebrate…more like how to get your ass in the Winter spirit!)

The one way I celebrate winter is by doing a fire ritual, I got this idea from which has information on all things spiritual.

The fire ritual can be done by yourself or with others.

The ritual includes lighting a toasty fire, indoor or outdoors (safety first,) and if your by yourself you can just get a nice size steel bowl and use that for your burning ceremony.

You would then write down on a piece of paper all the things you want to give away, it can be anything! Big or small! Whatever is on your heart, we want to dig for those things that we have been suppressing for some time now.

We want those things to be given away because they serve us no purpose in our elevation and we want to rid ourselves of suppressed energy because suppressed energy causes stress and stress causes sickness.

So once we have set and meditated with our thoughts and finally have gotten our giveaways down on paper we then can say a little mantra or affirmation as we burn our paper:

“I release all the energy on this paper and all the suppressed energy in my heart, soul and spirit.”

“I am open to release…(whatever is on your paper.)

“I am more powerful than these things, people and or situations and I release them into the universe never to find there way back to me.”

Of course you can make up your own if your not feeling those suggestions.

Once you are done with your giveaways you or your group of Goddesses and/or Gods seal off the ritual by banging on drums, shakers and or bells. Then you gather for a release dance (which just involves you closing your eyes and moving your body to the spirit and energy you just created.)

You can also add in a toast once you have completed the ritual, toast to getting rid of the unwanted and inviting in the greatness to come.

No matter what type of ritual/celebration you choose to do know that we are celebrating and giving thanks and millions of others around the Earth are doing the same. It’s a beautiful thing.

Side note: you can add your own flavor to this ritual, if you have some of your favorite crystals, candles, incense and/or pictures of ancestors please bring those to the gathering.



To all the folks that don’t read my blog…




I just have something to share with you…

I spend hours writing….always with no regret in my heart.

I’ve written my whole life, my soul is tangled in this shit.

I can’t beg you to share my post, like or comment but it is weird to go through your Facebook and watch you share a million articles a day about the same shit.

It becomes discouraging to watch this.

I asked myself what the point of writing if you wouldn’t read it…

I came to a conclusion though, one that was profound!

To the ones that don’t read my blog….

I am okay with it.


Because I know that what I do is important work, and you may just not realize it yet but when you do I will still be here putting out good shit.

You are sucked into a world of internet illusion….that one day you will realize it isn’t so bad to support your actual local deep thinker.

Yeah it looks cool to have blogs like “YogaAnonymous,” on your timeline but don’t forget that they have millions of readers a day…

Think about people that really need support…and start supporting them.

And to all my local dreamers….keep dreaming it’s coming!

With love,