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As I sit in the coffee shop, gathering a thought or two trying to figure out how to deal with this being twenty six shit.

I remember at some point in my teen years I would daydream about being at this point and how amazing it would be. I dreamed of being with my soul mate. Being a full time writer. Having all my shit together. Shit I even dreamed of having children by now. No one ever said “girl bye, it don’t work like that.” There was no blueprint, no magical map that pointed me in the direction of any of this shit. Nothing can prepare you for life better than LIFE.

I haven’t found my soul mate but I have loved up on myself more than I could have ever imagined I would when I was 13. I don’t have children and I am happy about that. I never wanted a situation like my childhood (absent father) so I chose to wait. I never wanted to settle and that’s why the soul mate shit is somewhat a fairytale in my eyes. No one prepares you for multiple heartbreaks. No one prepares you for losing friendships. No one prepares you for the breakdown. No one prepares you for the come up. You just deal. It shapes your character, your morals.

You eventually learn that the path your walking is a path of choices. No you don’t get a fairy godmother. You get LIFE. As I’m still trying to figure shit out I will remember that it’s some mystic shit..some things you can’t predict. Some things you’ll imagine but won’t happen but that’s okay… your okay.

Doing me…to do me.

I have realized so much over the last few months.
I feel lighter and more clear when it comes to what needs to be done to secure my future.
I don’t need a million people following my moves because honestly I’ve had that for the last four/five years.
have appreciated every opportunity I have been given. Every friend. Every lover. Every moment that has taught me a lesson.
When you start to grow, you understand that you can’t take everyone nor everything with you.
Really, we sometimes live for the acceptance of others. We spend hours, days and years doing shit because we want others to think we got our shit together.
We do shit by the book even if it’s our passion we still sit there and follow the rules. Stressing over something that is suppose to bring us joy all because we feel society hasn’t given us the credit we deserve. I can’t take it. I’m done. 
I have 3 major goals for the next few months until August.
I will continue to move in silence. Barely sitting at the table but setting up my foundation the way I know it’s suppose to be set. 

It’s okay to block out what needs to be blocked out so you can shine your light the way you see fit.

(NEW) Podcast Review.

Don’t We All Just want to be Happy?

Two weeks ago I started to listen to the UK  podcast called “Zestology” with Tony Wrighton. The show focuses on living with positive energy, vitality, motivation, health, confidence, great sleep and more.


I listened anxiously hoping to find tools that would lead me to a little more balance as we are heading into the middle of the semester. Things are picking up and energy is spreading pretty thin. I kept hope alive as I scrolled through all 87 of Tony’s podcast.

Every one caught my attention so I started from the introduction and worked my way up. Zestology focuses on shows that literally motivate you to live in balance. Nothing is easy but with a few tips we are guaranteed to move in a upward direction.

One of my favorite episodes talked about the “7 Secrets of Happiness” with author Gyles Brandreth. Brandreth highlighted the everyday challenges that people all over the world face, rather it was work stress, school stress, family stress or stress that just comes from the lack of having something you want in this life.

“I can not only be expanding your life but I could be also extending your life by seven to ten years,” Brandreth says as he starts to share a few of the seven secrets with the listeners.

The first secret included “be a leaf on a tree,” – free flowing, unique and strong. Be attached to a larger growing organism. Second secret included compassion and passion, compassion among others and having passions that motivate you and radiate you. “Essentially you need a passion to sustain you, when things go wrong,” or in general. Brandreth went on to talk about the other secrets to a beautiful happy life.

I enjoyed this podcast among the other episodes. They all had a wonderful tone that kept me interested and motivated. I recommend anyone who is interested in gathering happiness tools to listen to this.

I have always wanted to start a podcast especially over the last couple of months. I am tuning in to a lot of different shows to gather ideas on tones, themes and etc.

I will continue to keep up with Zestology, because its simply beneficial to my everyday life.

Take a listen on Spotify and tell me what you think.




+Night Melodies+

Spooky Black “Without You”

One day my lover and I were chilling in the car before we embarked on one of our wild nights in the city of Detroit. He requested that he be the DJ for the night, of course I looked like “nothing can really top my choices,” but I handed him my phone with a smirk.

At first I was worried (he has wonderful taste in music – but he also likes Lil B haha.)

Anyway lol

What he turned on blew my mind  right away. The song sounded really familiar to my ear. I had previously heard this song chopped and screwed from one of my favorite DJ’s. I turned it up!

I am a super fan of slow mo, chopped and screwed and mystical music that takes me to cloud nine. This was the song of my dreams….well one of the songs of my dreams.

I looked in his eyes and you’ll know one why soon as you press play.

Ya’ll don’t need to know what happened next…


A little about Corbin Smidzik better known as Spooky Black.

Spooky has major r&b influences.  From Saint Paul, Minnesota he is not only killing the game solo but he also kills it as a member of the hip hop/r&b collective the Stand4rd. Spooky Black Soundcloud has put him on the map especially with the hit “Without You,” produced by him back in 2014. If your anything like me you were shocked when you heard his voice and then matched it with his face….but you get over that part pretty fast once your in the zone. He chops it up and literally leaves you playing his music fifty times in a row. He has a fan in me!

we got this.


To all people.

To all parts of the Earth, may peace manifest into every corner of of our hearts and our spaces.

Protection over our spirit and our mental.

We are witnesses of our reality that we try to shape positively in our daily lives.

May we elevate and never have to suppress our happiness.

We are light beings and we walk as such.

We attract abundance in the most gracious, humble and honored way and we receive what we put out.

We waste no words on negativity and we damn sure don’t accept it.

We rise, heal and become more powerful.

Never doubt it.


are you? are we?

Lately I’ve been thinking about this experience we are having as spirits.

Are we really living or are we just existing?

Day by day most of us practice the same routine and may switch it up a bit but overall its usually the same.

Work. Eat. Sleep.

Nhighow you definitely are a few levels up if your able to rise and do you 100% everyday. It seems to take a lot of escaping the fears that are embedded into our souls to be able to let go and live. You are in the 5% of the worlds population who may really be living out their highest physical life.

Lets work on it.

Let’s each take out a pen and piece of paper and write down how much of the things we do every day is what we actually want to be doing, how much of it is routine and also incorporate what is it that we would much rather be doing (be REALISTIC.)

Look at that list.

How does it make you feel?

If your disappointed, don’t be.

We are all beyond capable spirits, think about how much work it takes to just be alive. So why not be all the way alive! Be so alive that every day you are able to do exactly what you want to do organically with not a second thought.

Create that life for yourself.

We can both work on living our fullest potential both spiritually and physically every second of the day.

I need to, too.

It’s not magic but take a chance.


well rested bihhhhhh.

This is how you don’t lose sleep over BULLSHIT…

  • you don’t let shit reach your soul unless deemed worthy of soul touch.
  • you protect yourself at all cost.
  • no matter what situation comes into your path, you are the controller of your right now.
  • you take time to yourself more than you actually think you should.fuckthebs
  • you give the same amount of energy that is being reflected to you back so therefore you don’t give to much or not enough (shit we even right.)
  • you stay hydrated.
  • you stay occupied with creative shit.
  • don’t text him/her first (had to slip that in)
  • stay walking with your protectors and spirits and never lose sight of them.
  • stay massaging yourself with coconut oil.
  • express your emotions.
  • write “fuck that shit” a million times over until you completely don’t fuck with that shit.
  • do you.
  • masturbate.
  • give yourself hella credit just for waking up and being bomb as fuck.
  • touch your hair, massage your scalp.
  • dance in the mirror and grope yourself.
  • burn some money sometimes..remind yourself this shit ain’t real.
  • on the flip side though GET THIS MONEY!!! then proceed to give thanks.
  • fuck a few times in scorpion pose.
  • pay your bills on time.

INTERMISSION – Shit getting crazy huh? I’m listing you up with ways to improve your sleep and not lose sleep. Thank me later.  

  • spray paint a vagina on the property of Trump.
  • bathe in rain water, steep with rain water then collect more rain water.
  • get as weird as you possibly can every day.
  • spend only a hour a day on social media…the rest of your precious life shall be spent stunting in reality.
  • don’t explain yourself to nobody.
  • let the body enjoy its pure form…butt ass naked with no materials covering our hearts.
  • don’t text the ex.
  • don’t run after him or her…I mean shit if you gotta run which can make you possibly loose breathe and die then wtf is the point? there isn’t one! BYE.
  • embrace your skin and if you chocolate take a bite out yourself for me.
  • acknowledge your innerG and never back down.
  • don’t be on no sucker shit EVER IN LIFE.
  • never feel guilty for doing you…being you and loving you.

…and these are some of the ways we will never lose sleep over bullshit. 


Birth to Under(gro)und MUsic.

Melodiesinfonie is a hip guy from Switzerland in his twenties.

Personally I think he plays some of the most purest and amazing music I have ever heard.

Very versatile and isn’t afraid to make his tracks sound completely different than the next.

Showcasing his jazz influences along with choosing powerful voices to back up his beats he makes shit lit.

Meodiesinfonie also has his hip hop influences that shine in and out as he cuts and masters beats that quickly turn into classics.

Is it just me…or is he the shit?




Mama got the JUICE.

You ever sit down and think of the people you can actually count on, espicially as you grow older in this lifetime.

Mother_daughter_quotesI literally can only count on my mother for help, supprt and love unconditionally. My mom is the greatest being I have ever come across. I sometimes just sit and cry thinking where I would be without her. I would be nowhere near where I am today.

I am sensitive when it comes to her because I feel like I must protect my mother at all cost, she is the only one (other than my brothers) that I will die for, live for and ride for.

I have to die before her because I would lose my entire shit if she left here before me.

She is my bestfriend, my sister, my grandma, my mother and everything else. I just want her to be happy. I just want her to live forever.

She is powerful.

She is a Queen.

She is phenomanal.

She is superwoman.

She is light.


Silence Ain’t So GOLD In These Times…

Shit if you ain’t making no noise right now you living in the wrong times and you are sadly apart of the problem.

If we sit still in times of need then we are apart of the problem.

Though I don’t go to protest, rallies, or do sit-ins I respect those that do. I do find them counterproductive sometimes.

I kind on want to touch on why I don’t…just to clear the air.

In my opinion meeting up to go a protest that the cops already know we will be at (because we are in the 21st century and can’t seem to keep our movement off social media) is….. NOT A SMART MOVE ya’ll!

So the cops now know to show up with weapons of lethal force “just in case” shit gets wild…in which shit gets wild 9 times out of 10 because there was some short of disturbance on the police end. I’m just saying…I’ve been to these type of movements and shit just a big danger zone for black bodies so I decided long ago to support them from a distance.

Also, what the hell has rallying done for our black asses lately? Not a damn thing other than get us thrown in jail quicker? Get us shot by the KKK? and get us killed by a muthafuckan “police bomb” – (whatever that is.)

Our own damn president can’t say he supports BLACK LIVES before he is cut off air.  SO what makes us think they care about our black feelings?

Why rally and give them peace…they are not a peaceful force so I’m straight on putting myself in the position to get fucked up.

BUT I understand that movements like this are necessary for MOST of our people so cool.

But if we to scared to take a day off work because we feel the pain of losing our people to excessive police brutality then we not even freeing ourselves. We attached. You and me both.

They don’t care about our culture and preserving us (only we can do that.)

Because these laws are not for us to like or for us to feel protected by. AGAIN, our black feelings are not apart of the law book and our black feelings are not thought of when they talk about change in this country.

Why are we giving them this much power over our bodies and spirit? I am over trying to change this fucked up system that was designed by thieves and murders….the same ones of today.  Fuck their feelings actually.  Fuck their laws. Fuck the ego that drives their sick actions. 

To all black bodies around the universe….stay smart and safe. If you choose to protest make it as productive as possible and really allow people to walk away with options and in hopeful cases….a little more freedom. 

I am trying to do my part as much as I can, I know you are too!