What to do when you’re on cloud 10 but someone else is vibrating on a negative frequency?

No need to sit there and pretend this doesn’t happen to you or that your not the one sometimes dishing out the low vibration.

cardone-product-merch-only-positivityWe all encounter some pretty negative people here and there and truthfully I don’t believe it’s a way to completely get rid of those people or situations.

Energy is all around us and all we can do is control our own.

The energy that we give is the energy that we will receive.

Ask yourself to remember the last time you were angry, what did it feel like? How did you react to the situation? What type energy were you giving off to attract such an emotion/response?

Your memory may direct you to the cause of the anger, maybe someone pissed you off while driving so your frequency went wacky and you lost control and let that emotion over power you. That person put out a cause that bounced off of you and made you feel a certain way…but how could that have been avoided?

That’s the ultimate question, no one answer can solve.

Here are a few suggestions though…

We can let our frequency stay higher than the one that was put out in the first place to cause a low vibration (easier said than done…I know.)

We can literally put up a shield of protection from negative sources from the moment we wake in the morning.

I am saying that when we rise we will notice that we have the opportunity to be light, free and positive….by choice.

Hopefully we understand that we are in control, we understand that our actions the night before can cause us to wake either positive or negative.

With that being said….we can wake and manifest a whole day of positivity with the guidance of our higher powers asking them to only bring situations and people of positive light into our paths.

That’s why it’s so important to rise and ritual. Nothing comes before until after.

Again we are in control.

When we feel a rise of emotion that is not of a positive force or source we block it out asap. NO dwelling in it nor NO energy will be given to it so therefore it will not be fed or empowered. We will not drain our energy with that of negativity.

Again….I am not perfect and I have to literally remind myself of everything I am reminding you of at this moment.

When someone else is bringing negative fire to you, say in your head (your spirit) I am not going to feed this source and I will not be effected by this source. Once you have this in your head and spirit the person or situation has no power.

As we learn to control what we react to this will become easier.

Let’s work on it together.

Much love,