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What-in-the entire fuck are we doing?


So here we are four months into a pandemic that has wiped out 65,735 people and have caused 1,122,486 people to be infected in the US, according to the CDC latest update.

We as a society have realized that Coronavirus is here and unfortunately not going anywhere anytime soon.

A lot of states like California, Chicago and Louisiana have been on tight restrictions only allowing people to travel for essential needs/work. Some states like Georgia and Florida are beginning to lift restrictions and allow people to travel outside of their homes for gatherings of ten or less and also dine into restaurants with a seating capacity limit. The states are also encouraging people to wear mask and continue to practice social distancing when out and about. Not everyone is in agreeance with the restrictions being lifted so soon. Georgia for instance has become one of the places people are starting to have the question of WHAT-THE-ENTIRE FUCK ARE WE DOING?! Why? Because while some people believe a state like Georgia is asking for a second wave to hit that could be more deadly than before, others are “tired of being in the house” and want to risk their chances. And by risking their chances I mean people are literally gathering in large amounts in the streets of Atlanta with NO mask and NO 6-feet distance between them. A lot of people just weeks ago were slumped in a deep fear that summer and fall would be cancelled and bam here we are now preparing to wear our sundresses and open toe shoes.

Now how did we get here? How the hell did we go from numbers rising and still rising daily to being ready to re-enter society? According to the Governor of Florida, he believes that the State is in good condition to open back up in phases. Phase one begins today, Monday May 4th, which means restaurants and retail businesses can began to reopen with restrictions. Some restaurants, if council approves will be able to expand their seating to outside as long as the tables are 6-feet apart. Retailers will also be able to do curbside shopping/pickup if approved. Some state parks and beaches are opening with a high recommendation of no more than 10 people in a group. Florida officials say law enforcements will be in the area enforcing social distancing. But what does that mean for people who aren’t obeying the restrictions as seen in places like Atlanta? Does that mean fines? Jail time? Well in some places not officially but in others people are being given citations but it doesn’t seem like the message is clear.

The governors and mayors of the the two states seem to think that reopening in phases will help the economy get back to flowing. But what they are failing to realize is even in phases citizens are taking a mile instead of the inch they are given. No one seems to be interested in being micromanaged by their local government even if saves their lives or someone they love.

It’s sad to say that even in places where people are still in lockdown like Michigan, who over the weekend experienced a 75 degree day are beginning to go against the Governor’s stay-in home orders and pile up in parking lots and local State parks. No one seemed to be given citations and if they were it wasn’t enough to stop people in other parts of the city . Though Governor Whitmer of Michigan has been known to be firm about the restrictions, with warmer weather people are taking it into their own hands and flooding the streets. Detroit is one of the hubs for the virus but yet citizens are partying it up in large groups with no fear of the outcome. Sunday May 3rd, popular State park Belle Isle was shut down twice but not because of social distancing but because the lack of parking. Now how the hell does that make sense? You say people NEED to keep a distance in order not to spread the virus but yet you don’t enforce social distancing! With people dying in massive numbers all over the world, why are we all of a sudden expressing no care for ourselves and those we come in contact with? And why are officials saying one thing but not following up?! Again, WHAT-IN-THE ENTIRE FUCK ARE DOING?

Social distancing was put into place to flatten the curve of those getting sick and those dying. Just when we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it now seems like darkness could loom nearby. If we continue to be irresponsible, people will continue to get infected. Coronavirus is still here and again it’s not going anywhere anytime soon until some sort of vaccine has been established. We are not in the clear! Though the curve has been flattened as a country according to a TIME magazine article, we have yet to see promising numbers day by day with people still being infected.

In opinion, people now have seemed to have lost hope in government officials and just want to be free even if that comes with the virus and even worse death.

It is to early to determine how reopening states like Georgia and Florida numbers will reflect this past weekend but it doesn’t seem like it will be good. We might be hanging up the cute dresses and sandals for more in house activities.

Convergence Journalism

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well rested bihhhhhh.

This is how you don’t lose sleep over BULLSHIT…

  • you don’t let shit reach your soul unless deemed worthy of soul touch.
  • you protect yourself at all cost.
  • no matter what situation comes into your path, you are the controller of your right now.
  • you take time to yourself more than you actually think you should.fuckthebs
  • you give the same amount of energy that is being reflected to you back so therefore you don’t give to much or not enough (shit we even right.)
  • you stay hydrated.
  • you stay occupied with creative shit.
  • don’t text him/her first (had to slip that in)
  • stay walking with your protectors and spirits and never lose sight of them.
  • stay massaging yourself with coconut oil.
  • express your emotions.
  • write “fuck that shit” a million times over until you completely don’t fuck with that shit.
  • do you.
  • masturbate.
  • give yourself hella credit just for waking up and being bomb as fuck.
  • touch your hair, massage your scalp.
  • dance in the mirror and grope yourself.
  • burn some money sometimes..remind yourself this shit ain’t real.
  • on the flip side though GET THIS MONEY!!! then proceed to give thanks.
  • fuck a few times in scorpion pose.
  • pay your bills on time.

INTERMISSION – Shit getting crazy huh? I’m listing you up with ways to improve your sleep and not lose sleep. Thank me later.  

  • spray paint a vagina on the property of Trump.
  • bathe in rain water, steep with rain water then collect more rain water.
  • get as weird as you possibly can every day.
  • spend only a hour a day on social media…the rest of your precious life shall be spent stunting in reality.
  • don’t explain yourself to nobody.
  • let the body enjoy its pure form…butt ass naked with no materials covering our hearts.
  • don’t text the ex.
  • don’t run after him or her…I mean shit if you gotta run which can make you possibly loose breathe and die then wtf is the point? there isn’t one! BYE.
  • embrace your skin and if you chocolate take a bite out yourself for me.
  • acknowledge your innerG and never back down.
  • don’t be on no sucker shit EVER IN LIFE.
  • never feel guilty for doing you…being you and loving you.

…and these are some of the ways we will never lose sleep over bullshit. 


New Detroit, same ass shit.



So while some of us are celebrating Detroit’s come up, many locals are steadily being treated like the dirt underneath Dan Gilbert’s fancy boots.

Twenty four years of living in the city and I have yet to see much effort around the build up of the people who are actually suffering due to the lack of resources.

The sudden change has me feeling less and less hopeful for my future here. If anything the new changes are turning me all the way off, the new hipsters make me vomit and the New York style traffic is starting to make me want to scream. Sadly, it’s making me plan to relocate to a place that accepts my kind of people (middle class/skating on thin ice towards the poverty line) with equal opportunities.

I cringe at the way the people from out of town are slowly creeping in acting like they have been here for years through all the bullshit.

If you weren’t here when Detroit had to file for bankruptcy you ain’t trill, if you weren’t here when we were named the most violent big city in the nation you ain’t trill, if you weren’t around when we had to have an emergency manager come in and reck DPS even more than it was already you ain’t trill, when Kwame had that party at the mansion – you ain’t trill, if you weren’t around when most of us became numb to the fact that our communities have been forgotten about and looked at as warzones….you ain’t trill! Now, there are a lot of reasons that Detroit has seen worse days – those are just a few.

If you weren’t here during the difficult times how can you be a real part of the shiney come up? Your money is the only thing that suggest that you are apart of the change happening. Money may be everything to you but to some of us…money has been one of those hard things to come by. Detroit residents has struggled to get money every since the crash of the auto industry and the riots that came from the devastation of thousands of jobs lost.

I have heard every story in the book though, front to back-side to side about how “New Detroit” is good for the locals. “It brings so many opportunities to the creative and music scene,” “Why wouldn’t you want to be apart of the development?” Well the reason is because the development of Detroit does not seem include me or many of the other amazing locals.

I still struggle to live and rent a home in some of the same areas where they are moving New Yorkers and other rich kids into for exclusive rates that seem to go over my budget seeing that this black entrepreneur has yet to see a financial break.

We have artist from different calibers who have been working for years on top of years to finally get their shine and recognition they deserve to only be left in the shadow.  We have over 100,000 residents according to the Huffington Post being displaced from their homes in 2015, unexpectedly due to tax foreclosures. Since early 2005, MLive has reported 1-3 homes in Detroit have been foreclosed due to back taxes and mortgage defaults, that leaves 139,699 homes foreclosed and 384,672 unaccounted for. The bigger catch is…families occupy a lot of the homes up on the chopping block (the numbers have slightly risen or fallen but the point remains the same.)

Unfortunately, the same people that were threatened with eviction were some of the same people that faced water shut-offs when the city of Detroit felt they could put water/money over people’s human right.

With a population of over 80% of blacks in Detroit we have yet to see the areas where we are supported. Black owned businesses are struggling to keep their doors open while we are seeing people move in next door with lower rent prices and better opportunities.

Where is the change directed I ask, I hate to make this a race issues, but it’s obvious that minorities have to bite the bullet AGAIN! It’s not just black people, note that – it’s all people that don’t fit the new style of gentrified.

In the same Midtown, which is really Cass Corridor you see development happening at a rapid pace while right down the street at the NSO (Neighborhood Service Organization) you can clearly see the displacement of the people forced in one area. The NSO has been around for over 60 years helping provide care for the mentally ill, homeless and forgotten about. We can see where the line is drawn, it may be invisible to you but it’s there. Our population of homelessness in the city of Detroit according to the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness is well over 90,000 individuals. We have plenty of room for them in the city with the unoccupied space, it’s just the unoccupied space isn’t up for grabs for such people.

I could keep going on about the changes occurring but to waste my time is not something I like to do.

I just want the locals to know that until we buy land, build our own homes, learn to grow food and heal our community we will continue to be looked at as foreigners on our own soil. If we can’t depend on the support of the new development then at least we can start to occupy areas of the city that aren’t apart of the shiney come up in their eyes. We have amazing space and opportunity on the East and West side of Detroit, if they want us out of “Midtown,” we walk with pride to the next abandoned block and take over…completely. No, it’s not giving up it’s becoming smarter and more logical. Who has time to argue with millionaires? They don’t understand our struggle.

Once we take our dollar out of “Midtown” we began to see what big part of the land can be invested in. First step is, search your heart out for the space that needs energy, combine your energy and resources with spaces that need support – no money like me? Invest in more small business when you can, volunteer to support those affected by change. It all counts, a little and a lot!

New Detroit, we the locals are fighters; can’t you tell? We been living in a zone where ya’ll declared a state of emergency, we don’t die easy we get stronger from struggle so if you think this shit gone fly…

Think again!


A local of Detroit, with pride!

Black Owned Businesses.

Top 10 Black Owned Businesses to shop at this Black Friday.

10 black businesses jhandpaints  bware dart

 Shit if you ask me, we should be shopping black everyday not just shouting about it one day out the year. I have some amazing friends that make amazing shit and I want them to feel supported so they are able to keep elevating. Also most are having a sale this weekend so get yo ass to shopping!

1.  BwareTheBrand, LLC

Brandi Boulware is a young talented Queen representing the D, expressing herself through jewelry making. Not only is she wrapping some of the flyest pieces she also has started her business 100% herself. BwareTheBrand specializes in making custom wire wrapped crystals, making herbal teas to cleanse the inside of your temple and bath soaks that make you feel like royalty. Brandi’s designs are unique and eye catching. NEVER duplicated!

“Body jewelry for the mind’s healing, tea for the soul and bath soaks for purification.” -BewareTheBrand



2. Danni Little

Danni Little is an all around creative kind of woman, every time you check out her social media she has created something different that blows your mind. This Queen can make everything from a custom crochet rug to unique handmade wooden earrings, wire wrapped jewelry and sweet ass knitted beanies.  You are guaranteed to be looking fly with one of her items! She puts love into every piece of work she does, and you can tell from her happy customers, so you should become one and stop by her Etsy shop.


Etsy: Danni Little’s Etsy

3. Ashley for Alley and Eye

Ashley Michele has been going hard in the eyewear game for sometime now and has everyone in the D rocking the flyest shades. I ask at least two people a day where they get their glasses and their responses always point back to Alley and Eye. She is rocking it out! Always having new goods for the fashion lovers, the shade throwers and the people that love to wear glasses at night time.


Facebook: AlleyandEye

4. Radha Adaora for Adaornment

Shit, this Goddess has the juice literally she has the juice and the body butters and the healing hands that will heal you beyond belief. Adaora is the founder of Adaornment and Sage Smoke which are events dedicated to healing the hood. Adaora spirit is felt before she enters the room and definitely demands your attention. A fiery ball of light is how I describe her, she puts so much love and healing into her products that you are guaranteed to call her the next day asking where you can get some more. Not only is she whipping handmade butters/oils in her spare time she also is a reiki master, writer and crocheter. Find her unique pieces on her Etsy.

Etsy: AdaornmentEtsy

Facebook: HouseofAdaornment

5. Isaiah Orton-Bey for Moor Herbs

Isaiah is a phenomenal King who specializes in mixing herbs that heal you from the inside ultimately resulting in an overall positive cleansed spirit. Isaiah describes his herbs as a “High Science Formulae” in a bottle and that is exactly what they are. Moor Herbs has everything you need to get you right! Herbs that clean out mucus, parasites, your colon, liver, kidneys and whatever else you need to detox the body; he has it for you. Check him out, he is always willing to lend advice for your specific issue. Even if you think your the healthiest person ever, his herbs can help you maintain that feeling.


Facebook: MoorHerbs

6. Jasmine Harris for Cr8ive Minds

Cr8ive Minds visual company was started by a Queen name Jasmine whose passion for art drove her to start creating solid art pieces all around Detroit. Jasmine creates t-shirts, paintings, murals, graphics, handmade wooden pieces and so much more. Her portfolio speaks for itself and if you want some of the best work in the D, call her up and she will get you right!

“Cr8ive Minds is a Visual company who’s focus is bringing back the foundation of staying True 2 Self by following your dreams, whatever they may be.”

Website: Cr8iveminds

Facebook: Cr8iveminds

7. Sassi Blaque for Bourgeois Bohemian

Sassi  has created some of the most amazing gear I have ever seen! She takes your old, boring and almost out the door clothing and transforms it into a masterpiece. The masterpiece is created using a tie-dye technique. I mean who doesn’t love a one of a kind tie-dye piece, shit I do! Bourgeois Bohemian is a lifestyle brand focusing on unique apparel that helps you feel like a boss and illuminates your individual creativity. If you want a piece, go check her out and tell her your idea and she will get you walking in style.

Facebook: Bourgeois Bohemian

8. Jessica Strahan for Jhand Paints

Jessica’s art is one of a kind, it’s bright and rich in cultural. Residing in New Orleans (one of the greatest places ever) she paints art the describes the African culture. Not only does she do a phenomenal job at painting portraits of African people she also makes earrings and other designs that stand out. Everytime she post something I find myself staring at it for minutes wondering how the hell does she get so much life into her paintings! For inquires email her or check out her instagram.


Instagram: JhandPaints

9. Colibri Harris for DanahanArt

“Danahan Art offers mobile paint parties for adults and children in the Metro Detroit area.  You get to choose the painting you’ll craft on canvas. Our mobile parties are taught by an experienced artist and are perfect for women, men, children, church groups, team building events, and anyone interested in unleashing the artist within.” Check out DanahanArt if you want to do something different for your next celebration, you are guaranteed to remember this time for years to come. You can also enjoy 20% off when you refer someone which I know you will!


Facebook: DanahanArt

10. Elle Maxwell for The Regal People and JEMN

Shit where do we start with this Goddess, she brings the flavor from every direction. Inspiring some of the dopest and creative minds around. Elle and her partner creates fly garments from scratch, I mean sewing that shit together themselves, designing every piece to uniquely serve. It’s amazing to see their creative juices flow into magic. The Regal People, LLC does not play and you can tell from what they put out. Not only are they sewing it up they also create art and music that bangs so damn hard! I will be writing for days trying to describe the many things this power couple does…so you should just run and check them out now!


Instagram: The Regal People
JEMN Website: JEMN

BE on the lookout for more Black Owned Business to shop at….if you have any that you love share them and I will add them to our list!

Please check out coming to you December 9, 2015.

Also share so we can get more people to become aware and shop BLACK.