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To all the folks that don’t read my blog…




I just have something to share with you…

I spend hours writing….always with no regret in my heart.

I’ve written my whole life, my soul is tangled in this shit.

I can’t beg you to share my post, like or comment but it is weird to go through your Facebook and watch you share a million articles a day about the same shit.

It becomes discouraging to watch this.

I asked myself what the point of writing if you wouldn’t read it…

I came to a conclusion though, one that was profound!

To the ones that don’t read my blog….

I am okay with it.


Because I know that what I do is important work, and you may just not realize it yet but when you do I will still be here putting out good shit.

You are sucked into a world of internet illusion….that one day you will realize it isn’t so bad to support your actual local deep thinker.

Yeah it looks cool to have blogs like “YogaAnonymous,” on your timeline but don’t forget that they have millions of readers a day…

Think about people that really need support…and start supporting them.

And to all my local dreamers….keep dreaming it’s coming!

With love,