Working with Akoaki – One Mile & Oakland Ave. Urban Farm.

I have had the pleasure of working  with an amazing  Detroit based architecture/design team by the name of Akoaki since 2017.

Through working with Akoaki I am now the social media manager for One Mile Project which is a collaborative among Jean Louis, Anya Sirota, Bryce Detroit and Halima Casells.  I traveled throughout France for the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennale with the team One Mile, Detroit Afrikan Music Institution and Oakland Avenue Urban Farm as their social media manager. I had the pleasure of keeping everyone back home and around the world updated with what the amazing talents of the musicians, poets, African drummers, local farmers and architects were doing hundreds of miles away. My experience in France with amazing Detroit and French talent, is one I will always remember. I can go on and on about the hundreds of amazing venues, local farms, mountains, photography and art I was able to capture in France.

To cut to the chase…

I am still the social media manager for One Mile and OAUF, I make our flyers, event pages, press kits, Eventbrites and etc.

I love what I do because it continues to help bring light to the artist, musicians and local growers in the community. I write bios, I create promotions and make sure every moment is captured and displayed for each organization.

Here is some of the work I’ve done with Akoaki to check out more please visit both shared FB pages below.

Detroit Creative Corridor Center thx for including Out of Site in the current Detroit City of Design and the Future of Work Exhibition. Video by Kyle Danley with interviews by hawk media and St Etienne footage by Stephen McGee Films. Thank you Imani Metta Jerry Hebron Billy Hebron Dana Hart Efe Bes James Lesko Stephen Gliatto Gina Reichert Ingrid LaFleur D.j. Los Huni Christo Onyx Ashanti and Emily Rogers II for sharing your thoughts. And thanks to everyone who gave meaning to the exhibit. Big bisous Josyane Franc. Open through October 7Made possible through the generous support of the Knight Foundation Ford Foundation, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning University of Michigan Office of Research & the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

Posted by Agence Akoaki on Sunday, September 10, 2017

A little more about Akoaki below:

“Akoaki is a Detroit-based architecture and design studio founded by Anya Sirota and Jean Louis Farges. Since 2008, Akoaki has established a reputation for innovative and resonant projects that critically engage the social, spatial, and material realities of place. Bridging the commonly perceived divide between social and aesthetic practice, the work explores urban interventions, perceptual scenographies, and pop actions as responses to complex and contested urban scenarios.

Akoaki’s design philosophy recognizes the pleasure and value of collective, aesthetic experience. The creative process, supported by intensive research and fieldwork, builds on existing dynamics and forges relationships between diverse networks of people. The resulting set of inter-related experimental works produces conceptually and materially surprising, nonrestrictive, and inclusive environments.” -Words expressed from the bio of Akoaki’s website.


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