What to do when you don’t have a yoga mat!

Well here I am in France, I forgot to buy a yoga mat and I can’t understand a word the instructors are saying so I decided to skip the studio for now and practice at my hostel.

Only thing is I forgot my mat. For one I didn’t have the energy to lug around a mat nor did I want to take the chance of leaving it in France.  So I went ahead and left it back in Detroit.

Every time I travel I make sure to find the nearest yoga studio so I don’t skip a beat in my practice because to me it literally is my food, my medicine and my sanity.

Shit and after a 8 hour flight, a four hour train ride and a whole lot of frustration I needed to practice right away. Right away before I lost my damn mind.

So I waited until everyone cleared out the room this morning and I grabbed my towel, laid it out on the floor and hit child pose.

So yes, the moral of the story is….grab that damn towel and practice! You don’t need a fancy mat to practice your practice and you damn sure don’t need to go without your practice because you forgot your Lulelemon at the crib.

If it was warmer here and there was some damn grass I would have practiced in nature (it’s the most comfortable.)

Other thing you can do when you have forgotten your yoga mat and you don’t want to practice bare or on the grass….do all standing postures. Standing postures  are about 85% of your practice anyway so go for it!