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Thanks….but I don’t give a damn.

This holiday we all have something to say right. So let me say my peace right quick.

Gkusoul "support system"We are living in a world that is beyond superficial. Why are we spending money on shit we don’t need. Why are spending more time on Facebook than with our loved ones.

Why are we breaking our backs for ungrateful children, ungrateful friends and family. I’m not putting question marks after these sentences because shit we all know why already.

I just don’t understand how we run around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week struggling to survive, struggling to be happy and then when the holidays come around we all put on a act.

“Oh hey cuz, I’ve been great.” When in actuality you was just crying in the car before you walked in the door.

We find two days out the year to celebrate togetherness when at any moment of our lives we can lose that person we only get to hug on Christmas.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see the point of the bullshit act.

I ain’t knocking your way of celebrating. I’m just shooting for us all to become more thankful throughout the days, weeks and years.

See me I don’t have a huge family so those around me I celebrate daily, because I know what it feels like to lose three of the most important people in my life within three years.

Each time I thought damn I should have hugged them more, I should have called them on regular days, I should have flew to the South just to say hello..I miss you!

But instead I was too busy living a life that I didn’t realize that everyday counted…and the holidays were just bonuses.

So on this “Thanksgiving” the one ya’ll choosing to celebrate for a reason that I know nothing of…make a promise to love that cousin more often, call that auntie weekly just to say your thankful for her energy.

Because our families deserve more love throughout the days, not just on fake ass holidays named after killers and  someone none of us have ever seen.

The title is there because I don’t give a damn about only loving my family on holidays. I give a damn about loving them daily. 

Art by: GKUSOUL “Support System”

Peace world!

What a damn relief to finally be here! It has taken me years to decide to make a WordPress, buy a domain name and start blogging..

December 9th is the day that ElevateDailyy will be up and running…officially.

Be on the lookout, spread the word and come visit me soon!