Birth to Under(gro)und MUsic.

Melodiesinfonie is a hip guy from Switzerland in his twenties.

Personally I think he plays some of the most purest and amazing music I have ever heard.

Very versatile and isn’t afraid to make his tracks sound completely different than the next.

Showcasing his jazz influences along with choosing powerful voices to back up his beats he makes shit lit.

Meodiesinfonie also has his hip hop influences that shine in and out as he cuts and masters beats that quickly turn into classics.

Is it just me…or is he the shit?




>Birth (to) Underground Music<

Backini “Twenty Five”

Here I am again putting you on to another tune.

Backini comes to you with fresh downtempo beats to satisfy any creative beat lover. Sampling a lot of voices that are smooth and powerful and usually women.  He takes you on a relaxing ride of the past.

Backini reminds me a lot of one of my other favorites Portishead.

Be sure to check out more of his music and share some of your favorites.


connected souls.


I think about you every day…who you are I don’t know yet.

I don’t see your face but I hear your voice.

It keeps me going.

It keeps me high.

It’s a connection built before the flesh.

The flesh came last.

Internally I know  who you are but I can’t see you.

I can’t find you.

You seem so far away.

But when the bright sun  is on my skin, that’s when I feel the closest to you.

Connected on another realm.

One not close to here.

One that breaths no other life but ours.

In the stars.

In the mountains.

In the trees.




Lets meet again.


Mama got the JUICE.

You ever sit down and think of the people you can actually count on, espicially as you grow older in this lifetime.

Mother_daughter_quotesI literally can only count on my mother for help, supprt and love unconditionally. My mom is the greatest being I have ever come across. I sometimes just sit and cry thinking where I would be without her. I would be nowhere near where I am today.

I am sensitive when it comes to her because I feel like I must protect my mother at all cost, she is the only one (other than my brothers) that I will die for, live for and ride for.

I have to die before her because I would lose my entire shit if she left here before me.

She is my bestfriend, my sister, my grandma, my mother and everything else. I just want her to be happy. I just want her to live forever.

She is powerful.

She is a Queen.

She is phenomanal.

She is superwoman.

She is light.