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well rested bihhhhhh.

This is how you don’t lose sleep over BULLSHIT…

  • you don’t let shit reach your soul unless deemed worthy of soul touch.
  • you protect yourself at all cost.
  • no matter what situation comes into your path, you are the controller of your right now.
  • you take time to yourself more than you actually think you should.fuckthebs
  • you give the same amount of energy that is being reflected to you back so therefore you don’t give to much or not enough (shit we even right.)
  • you stay hydrated.
  • you stay occupied with creative shit.
  • don’t text him/her first (had to slip that in)
  • stay walking with your protectors and spirits and never lose sight of them.
  • stay massaging yourself with coconut oil.
  • express your emotions.
  • write “fuck that shit” a million times over until you completely don’t fuck with that shit.
  • do you.
  • masturbate.
  • give yourself hella credit just for waking up and being bomb as fuck.
  • touch your hair, massage your scalp.
  • dance in the mirror and grope yourself.
  • burn some money sometimes..remind yourself this shit ain’t real.
  • on the flip side though GET THIS MONEY!!! then proceed to give thanks.
  • fuck a few times in scorpion pose.
  • pay your bills on time.

INTERMISSION – Shit getting crazy huh? I’m listing you up with ways to improve your sleep and not lose sleep. Thank me later.  

  • spray paint a vagina on the property of Trump.
  • bathe in rain water, steep with rain water then collect more rain water.
  • get as weird as you possibly can every day.
  • spend only a hour a day on social media…the rest of your precious life shall be spent stunting in reality.
  • don’t explain yourself to nobody.
  • let the body enjoy its pure form…butt ass naked with no materials covering our hearts.
  • don’t text the ex.
  • don’t run after him or her…I mean shit if you gotta run which can make you possibly loose breathe and die then wtf is the point? there isn’t one! BYE.
  • embrace your skin and if you chocolate take a bite out yourself for me.
  • acknowledge your innerG and never back down.
  • don’t be on no sucker shit EVER IN LIFE.
  • never feel guilty for doing you…being you and loving you.

…and these are some of the ways we will never lose sleep over bullshit. 


What to do when you’re on cloud 10 but someone else is vibrating on a negative frequency?

No need to sit there and pretend this doesn’t happen to you or that your not the one sometimes dishing out the low vibration.

cardone-product-merch-only-positivityWe all encounter some pretty negative people here and there and truthfully I don’t believe it’s a way to completely get rid of those people or situations.

Energy is all around us and all we can do is control our own.

The energy that we give is the energy that we will receive.

Ask yourself to remember the last time you were angry, what did it feel like? How did you react to the situation? What type energy were you giving off to attract such an emotion/response?

Your memory may direct you to the cause of the anger, maybe someone pissed you off while driving so your frequency went wacky and you lost control and let that emotion over power you. That person put out a cause that bounced off of you and made you feel a certain way…but how could that have been avoided?

That’s the ultimate question, no one answer can solve.

Here are a few suggestions though…

We can let our frequency stay higher than the one that was put out in the first place to cause a low vibration (easier said than done…I know.)

We can literally put up a shield of protection from negative sources from the moment we wake in the morning.

I am saying that when we rise we will notice that we have the opportunity to be light, free and positive….by choice.

Hopefully we understand that we are in control, we understand that our actions the night before can cause us to wake either positive or negative.

With that being said….we can wake and manifest a whole day of positivity with the guidance of our higher powers asking them to only bring situations and people of positive light into our paths.

That’s why it’s so important to rise and ritual. Nothing comes before until after.

Again we are in control.

When we feel a rise of emotion that is not of a positive force or source we block it out asap. NO dwelling in it nor NO energy will be given to it so therefore it will not be fed or empowered. We will not drain our energy with that of negativity.

Again….I am not perfect and I have to literally remind myself of everything I am reminding you of at this moment.

When someone else is bringing negative fire to you, say in your head (your spirit) I am not going to feed this source and I will not be effected by this source. Once you have this in your head and spirit the person or situation has no power.

As we learn to control what we react to this will become easier.

Let’s work on it together.

Much love,

MANIFESTOR : One that Manifest.

I am opening up to the possibility that I am a master m a n i f e s t o r.

My whole life I had the thought in the back of my mind that I was in control of my destiny, even when I knew nothing about the law of attraction.

Detailed image of the Helix Nebula.I use to sit in church during our normal catholic school regimen and wonder if God was this person in a transformer type of get up, directing billions of people left and right. The thought would cross my mind but then quickly fade away when I thought about all the stress it would be to do such a job.

My thoughts were overshadowed with “what if I’m in control,  what if I am the transformer of my destiny,” this seemed more realistic…. more free.

Years later in high school I found Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – a Buddhist philosophy that helps you take control of your life. On top of the bountifulness that came with taking control I also noticed the power in the law of attraction. A power that they didn’t teach while drinking the blood of Jesus Christ.

Something in my spirit said Imani, you are the controller and with the practice I realized this was true in all ways. I didn’t have to wait around for the robotic movement. I could move, groove and create shit that I always dreamed of creating instead of listening to the whole “pray to Jesus and you will receive,” spill.

Now don’t get me wrong I believe in God but God is now me. God isn’t a being in the sky that is directing my destiny. I have slipped away from the thought of God being outside of me, I like to think of the spirit being alive inside and this very belief along with many other rituals has turned me into a master manifestor!

Nothing is easy at all even when you know you are in control, if anything this makes life a little more challenging knowing that I can’t wait around for something to mysteriously happen. What I put out is what I receive back, if I want to manifest a job, home, a million dollars I can if my brain sends the message to the universe it eventually will happen.

Now it’s not magic or shit it kind of is but you have to put in work in order to draw these things into your life. DISCLAIMER – you can manifest whatever you like it doesn’t and shouldn’t only be material stuff but things that help you elevate overall. This helps to show the universe that you aren’t greedy just a creator.

Manifestation can literally transform your life in so many powerful ways. You can go to a dull life to something so bright and sunny.

I have so many stories I could share but I’ll let you be the judge and manifestor of your own destiny. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to wake up and say I will have a wonderful day, I will have abundance and I will succeed and truly see your day unfolding in such a way. With time and practice you will start to create your destiny and become the powerful being that you truly are!

Come back and share your manifestation stories with me in the comments below.

With love,



Hello, Palo Santo!

So I just discovered a new tool to add to my cleansing rituals/ceremonies.

I usually use sage to cleanse my home and aura but I was looking for something new, something that didn’t create such a thick smoke.

I came across Palo Santo incense sticks. Many of us probably already know what these are or at least have heard about them.

I gathered some information on the benefits and history of it’s power to share with those of you who haven’t.

palo santo stick

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from the magical Palo Santo tree, native to the coast of South America. Its name literally means holy wood and is treated as such in different shaman rituals.  The stick is said to have healing, medicinal and therapeutic powers that have been proven over many generations.

This powerful stick is used mostly by the Incas, indigenous people of Andes and many other healers around the universe.

Properties of Palo Santo? 

Palo Santo is used to bring about grounding energy, creativity, protection, clearing out negative energy and bringing both love and good fortune to the practitioner. You can burn this incense during your meditation because it helps to raise your vibration and also provides clarity. It helps to align you closer to the  Earth and your divine source of creation.

Healing can also occur physically from the Palo Santo, it helps to cure symptoms from colds, headaches, anxiety, depression, emotional pain, inflammation and much more. The smoke is smooth, light and very refreshing so it doesn’t create a thick smoke like Sage or Ceder. It’s a nice background incense when your doing your yoga or meditation.

You can also boil the sticks at a low temp to create a tea that will help calm down your immune and nervous system.

One of the most amazing aspects of the magical Palo Santo Wood is that it is wild harvested by a family that has planted over 30,000 trees in Ecuador over the last 10 years. The Palo Santo Wood comes from naturally fallen trees and branches that lie dead for 4-10 years before they are harvested. This ensures a very high-quality product that is constantly surrounded by love and respect. (

There are numerous benefits to Palo Santo! You won’t be disappointed with this sacred stick and you can find it in most of your local healer shops but if not it can be ordered online but as always be careful of buying sacred online!

Enjoy and come back and tell me the amazing benefits you have had with the sacred sticks.


What’s the heart chakra got to do with it?


I’ve had to open my heart up more than ever before, some things that I thought I wouldn’t except I now do…no not the bad stuff I still have morals!

I am talking about softening my heart for the people I love in order to be there for them more. I had to realize that no one is perfect and if that’s the goal they are reaching for it will indeed take them a lifetime and some.

chakra4Softening the heart in order to be there for someone creates more beautiful karma, it does not make you weak it makes you stronger and wiser.

To be there for your true love ones you must open the fourth chakra which is the heart chakra! Closing off the energy that pumps to that special place causes stress, anxiety and so many other things that I will discuss down the line.

First off the heart chakra is located in the middle of your beautifully designed body, balancing the world of matter (lower three chakras) with the world of spirit (upper three chakras.) It’s location is at the center of the chest and includes the heart, cardiac plexus, thymus gland, lungs, and breasts, the heart chakra also rules the lymphatic system. Yes! this chakra is very vital to your sustainability.

It sits perfectly in this location for a reason just like the other six chakras that align the body in a perfect formation.

Like I stated above when your heart chakra is blocked you will know, you will begin to feel things 10x more intensely. When you are open, you are lubricating the heart with love which will allow the energy to flow freely towards this chakra. When you don’t you will feel jealously, anger, sadness, sort tempers and depression and overall you feel disappointed in yourself.

The beautiful thing about facing your heart chakra when it is closed is that you are able to overcome the grief that you are feeling by allowing yourself to open up. Of course at a time where you feel hopeless you aren’t really trying to hear about anything other than the sadness that is speaking volumes towards your spirit but you must force yourself out of the lower world and level up.

In order to come out of those grieving stages you can meditate, chant, do yoga and or go for a walk in nature (well those are the things I do when I notice I am blocking my heart chakra.) Most of the time I just need a minute to digest the feeling and proceed to the level up.

Do not repress your feelings! Let them flow outward so they can leave your spirit so you can began to work on what is needed to feel balanced again.

Yoga poses that help open up the area of the chest will also help to balance the heart chakra, poses such as crescent with the heart lifting towards the sky, cat and cow, gentle back bends, cobra, camel pose and wheel pose are just a few of many that will aid in the balance.

Also imagine your chakras like instruments and began to use mantras as a way to open up and release stagnant energy.

YAM(pronounced “yum”:  “The cleansing mantra for your Heart Chakra. You give and receive love through the energy center that is your heart chakra. If you’re not feeling loving, lovable, compassionate or experience relationship difficulties, you could use some YAM! Chant “YAM” to heal both the physical heart and the spiritual (emotional) heart center and open yourself up to unconditional love and compassion.” Credit: (

The color that the heart chakra is associated with is green which is the color of nature. Green symbolizes harmony, creativity, health and wealth.  The gemstones associated with the heart chakra are emerald, malachite,  green tourmaline, moss agate, jade, and rose quartz. Use these gemstones as something tangible to work with. Use the greens to help balance the vibrations of the nervous system and this will help you gain more energy.

I hope this helps along your journey of openness, I wish you open and balanced chakras.



New Year – New Me?

Yeah yeah, I know some folks dislike this time of year for the many tweets and Facebook updates of people talking about what their going to do different in the new year, who their cutting off and what type of goals they want to obtain.

But my whole thing is….

Why the hell you so mad?

To me this is great! When someone wants to get rid of old energy, anytime they want to set a goal and run after it like no ones business than I’m with it. I want to see people happy and having aspirations in this world, rather its on January 1st or November 19th, I could care less.

If a new year calls for you to bring out the “new year, new me” phrase than I support you 100%.breakingthefuckout

Life is rough, and it seems to be putting more and more people in a funk and when that happens a very thick cloud of funky ass energy starts to spread in the clouds. Would you rather have that? I doubt it.

New determinations mean that people still have hope in the future and that is a fantastic energy to have flowing in the air.

Everyday I try to wake up and set an intention for my day, week or month and yes I do the same for the New Year. Its like we are able to press the reset button of on our track record, we may still have the same problems on January 1st but at least we can look at them in an optimistic way.

We get to leave what we don’t want to take in the future, we also get to sign up for another 365 days of self determination, self love, gratitude, success and much more.

If anything this is a fantastic time to bring a “new you” to the scene.

Become the REAL you!

Put your plans in motion and take action into the direction of elevation!

No more holding back as you move forward in a direction that you trust…shit trust yourself!

The universe is working with us all in order for us to heal ourselves, each other and most importantly the Earth. Without us setting an intention for healing of Mother Earth than none of our goals will manifest….remember that.

We are going to win by stripping away old layers and habits. No one came move forward by staying the same! So embrace it, take advantage of the new cycle because you too can become something higher!

Set it off!


One way to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

wintertreeAhhh the winter time is officially here, though in Detroit we are experiencing plenty of rain and no snow.

I won’t complain even though I am in need of the sun to come from behind the clouds and kiss my melanin but in due time Imani, in due time!

The first day of winter is here, bringing us another time to celebrate and do our rituals. This is a time to invite in the new season and deepen our appreciation for the “ever-changing flow of life” that we all naturally adapt to.

The December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year, after the winter solstice the days become longer and the nights become shorter.

Our ancestors have been doing rituals since the beginning of time, and it’s nice to be able to carry on the tradition and find our own reasons to give thanks.

We probably have all read a million articles by now on how to celebrate the Winter Solstice and I won’t bore you with another one…I promise. I am just going to list one way to celebrate among the million.

I like to celebrate the new season coming into fruition by acknowledging the new season and what it has to offer.

We all usually dread the winter time, we dread cleaning off the car, we dread putting on a million layers and we dread slipping and sliding around in the snow.

The winter isn’t as miserable as we all make it out to be though, we actually can enjoy the winter months with activities that keep us happy and warm.

All of the pretty lights that are strung up around the city and all the wintery drinks that make you feel all tingly inside are something to look forward to.

Just being able to shift our approach and mind frame towards winter can help us open up to the many opportunities the season has to offer.

(nope that wasn’t apart of how to celebrate…more like how to get your ass in the Winter spirit!)

The one way I celebrate winter is by doing a fire ritual, I got this idea from which has information on all things spiritual.

The fire ritual can be done by yourself or with others.

The ritual includes lighting a toasty fire, indoor or outdoors (safety first,) and if your by yourself you can just get a nice size steel bowl and use that for your burning ceremony.

You would then write down on a piece of paper all the things you want to give away, it can be anything! Big or small! Whatever is on your heart, we want to dig for those things that we have been suppressing for some time now.

We want those things to be given away because they serve us no purpose in our elevation and we want to rid ourselves of suppressed energy because suppressed energy causes stress and stress causes sickness.

So once we have set and meditated with our thoughts and finally have gotten our giveaways down on paper we then can say a little mantra or affirmation as we burn our paper:

“I release all the energy on this paper and all the suppressed energy in my heart, soul and spirit.”

“I am open to release…(whatever is on your paper.)

“I am more powerful than these things, people and or situations and I release them into the universe never to find there way back to me.”

Of course you can make up your own if your not feeling those suggestions.

Once you are done with your giveaways you or your group of Goddesses and/or Gods seal off the ritual by banging on drums, shakers and or bells. Then you gather for a release dance (which just involves you closing your eyes and moving your body to the spirit and energy you just created.)

You can also add in a toast once you have completed the ritual, toast to getting rid of the unwanted and inviting in the greatness to come.

No matter what type of ritual/celebration you choose to do know that we are celebrating and giving thanks and millions of others around the Earth are doing the same. It’s a beautiful thing.

Side note: you can add your own flavor to this ritual, if you have some of your favorite crystals, candles, incense and/or pictures of ancestors please bring those to the gathering.