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The fire burning!


You better go out there and shine or you’ll die never experiencing life!

Don’t think twice!

If you do you’ll pay the price!

What the fuck are you waiting on?

Don’t think twice! DO NOT THINK TWICE!

You owe yourself the opportunity to be you!


You’ve worked hard – let’s win!

Here…right now….is your victory!



As I sit in the coffee shop, gathering a thought or two trying to figure out how to deal with this being twenty six shit.

I remember at some point in my teen years I would daydream about being at this point and how amazing it would be. I dreamed of being with my soul mate. Being a full time writer. Having all my shit together. Shit I even dreamed of having children by now. No one ever said “girl bye, it don’t work like that.” There was no blueprint, no magical map that pointed me in the direction of any of this shit. Nothing can prepare you for life better than LIFE.

I haven’t found my soul mate but I have loved up on myself more than I could have ever imagined I would when I was 13. I don’t have children and I am happy about that. I never wanted a situation like my childhood (absent father) so I chose to wait. I never wanted to settle and that’s why the soul mate shit is somewhat a fairytale in my eyes. No one prepares you for multiple heartbreaks. No one prepares you for losing friendships. No one prepares you for the breakdown. No one prepares you for the come up. You just deal. It shapes your character, your morals.

You eventually learn that the path your walking is a path of choices. No you don’t get a fairy godmother. You get LIFE. As I’m still trying to figure shit out I will remember that it’s some mystic shit..some things you can’t predict. Some things you’ll imagine but won’t happen but that’s okay… your okay.

we got this.


To all people.

To all parts of the Earth, may peace manifest into every corner of of our hearts and our spaces.

Protection over our spirit and our mental.

We are witnesses of our reality that we try to shape positively in our daily lives.

May we elevate and never have to suppress our happiness.

We are light beings and we walk as such.

We attract abundance in the most gracious, humble and honored way and we receive what we put out.

We waste no words on negativity and we damn sure don’t accept it.

We rise, heal and become more powerful.

Never doubt it.


on and on and on and on.

You caspiraln find me the sky.

Cloud 39.

Right to the right.

Two eyes closed, only one needed to see.

Right in alignment capable to be free.

To find the freedom in just walking with the Earth.

Not judged. Not polluted.

Stripped of the past.

What is the future?

Not having to ask this question because only now is needed to be.

I know it’s a difficult science experiment we living.

Day by day stacking…climbing…clawing even.

I tell you though trying to solve the biggest mystery we have ever laid our naked eyes on will take many lifetimes, many kalpas, many s’aiyes to solve.

But what if that’s just what it needs to be. It needs to be a mystery in order to live on.

Everyone wants to know what this life thing is about but not take the time to look outside for clues, enjoy the mysteries.

Enjoy walking the Earth connecting your sole receiving messages that carry you to the next phase.

Unlocking with ease, with gentleness.


A Black Yoga Teacher In A Time Like This…

elevationHere I am about two hours away from teaching and I feel uneasy.

I am in deep thought  about what I’m going to say to a class that is 90% white people.

Will everyone look at me and know the pain I’m actually feeling along with so many others?

What is a class suppose to feel like after these fucked up situations happen? How am I going to teach about love and kindness when it feels like a lump in my throat is rising each moment I breathe.

I’ve thought of themes, I’ve thought of making a all black playlist, I’ve thought about getting it covered…shit I even thought about asking people to form a circle of love.

I sat here…wondering….shifting in thought…..

I found one answer…

I’m going to do nothing but be my simple and free self in this hour of peaceful time.

I am going to allow myself to be open and protected. I do know that when we can practice a moment of peace…take it.