Birth to Underground Music

Yes, Alice Smiths “the one” is brilliant and flowing. Her deep vocals make your skin create a layer of goose bumps.

She expresses her Queen mentality on this track, singing about how she is not the one to to be played with and you basically can bounce.


We all may have had similar situations as Alice, escaping it through our ways and making sure the player is exposed in the process.

But anyway…

I first heard this song on “Being Mary Jane” and I couldn’t help but search for the rest, the soulful melody stuck out and I dived in…fully!

Alice was born and raised in DC and went back and forth to Augusta, Georgia where she was surrounded by gospel and soulful influences.

Her music is adored by many who understand the deepness and passion behind her words.  Alice is not just a singer, she writes and produces music that is next level.

Her latest album “she” is the shit, check it out.

Alice Smith Soundcloud

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