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Birth to Underground Music.

This mix will have you in the mirror feeling all over yourself…or maybe that’s just me haha.

When I first heard JETS “U-N-I” I automatically put it on my next Vinyasa playlist that shit was that ill. The way the mix flowed I knew the rest of their music was magic!

The amazing duo includes Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart b.k.a Machinedrum. Both of these multi-talented artist have been creating acid trips such as their EP The Chants since early 2012.

Both Edgar and Stewart are solo artist but came together to create this intensely vibed out EP, collaborating with some major underground hitters such as Jesse Boykins lll.

The four-track  EP will sure leave you wanting more as they have a way of using exotic drum beats, glitchy rhythms and fluid melodies that will have you dazed out.

Sit back and enjoy!