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7 COOL PLACES in the D.

7.You know sometimes you have to get your ass off the coach and force yourself to study, plan, execute or simply browse the net for unnecessary reasons.

If you’re like me you want to sit somewhere where it’s either nice and quiet or full of live music, in an open airy space that serves beer – like any of us will be more motivated with a damn beer in our hands.

But hey you never know, maybe that beer will inspire your next million dollar plan.

Anyway if you’re a Native of Detroit you may know some of these places already and if you don’t I hope you find yourself stumbling in for a cup of tea and good vibes.

1. Detroit Vintage Coffee Shop

Detroit Vintage Coffee is a cool little coffee/tea shop that has been open since 2013, sitting right off W. 8 mile rd. This shop is known for the calm, electric vibe that it brings to the usual chaotic 8 mile.

Detroit Vintage Coffee Shop specializes in their Michigan roasted coffee beans that are freshly grounded in house daily. Coffee is more than just a drink that people spend $4 a cup on, Detroit Vintage Coffee makes sure that your experience is enjoyable each and every time you step foot in their shop. At Detroit Vintage Coffee Shop, coffee is more than a business, it’s their passion.

**Poetry Night & Clean Open Mic on the first Friday of each month. 6 p.m – 9:30 p.m.**

Open WEEKENDS only! 

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

10335 W. 8 Mile Rd.

Phone: 313-341-4810 

 2. The Bottom Line Coffee House

The Bottom Line Coffee House is fresh and new! The black owned family business just opened up last summer, and is already a go to place in the city! You will find a small collection of different types of coffees that are simply…damn good. Nothing fancy! Just damn good coffee!

Located in the neighborhood, the neighborhood that was once known as Cass Corridor, where there use to be fiends hanging on the steps before gentrification.

The Bottom Line is you should check out this clean, sleek environment and grab one of their tasty pastries on your way out.

4474 3rd St, Detroit, Michigan 48201

Mon-Sat:10:00 am-12:00 am Sun:12:00 pm-9:00 pm

Phone: 313-502-5479

3. Always Brewing Detroit

Always Brewing Detroit is one of those places that is on the outer edges of all the “happening” in Detroit but it still finds a special place in your heart rather you live close or thirty minutes away. Always Brewing Detroit host some of the best poetry and comedy nights in the city every Thursday.

They serve locally roasted coffee from Chazzano Coffee Roasters and tasty Eli Tea that you can’t deny to be anything other than wonderful. Always Brewing also has some great ass pasta salad too along with pastries and handmade soups also made locally.

19180 Grand River Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48223

Phone: 313-879-1102

4. DIA Kresge Court

I have to admit I was just introduced to Kresge Court in the DIA a few days ago, well I knew about it but never made my way in and when I did I fell in love! This place is perfect for your chill, inspired get shit done type of mood. Kresge Court offers a nice sleek menu with different sandwiches, soups and appetizers. They also have a nice beer and wine selection for those people like me that just want to drink a glass of wine…just because it’s Tuesday and the sun is shining.  The space is open and vibrant with plenty of conversation to get into so make your way down if you haven’t already and be sure to grab those Motown Pretzels!

5200 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48202

Phone:  313.833.7900

5. Trinosophes

Trinosophes (“tree-no-sofe”) is one of those places that you want to visit weekly. Everything from the art on the walls to the soft music playing in the background. Trinosophes is quickly making a name for itself as the one of the hippest scenes in Detroit for underground art and performances.  Hosting some great live performances to go with your delicious pour over coffee, if your one of those hipster people then this is the place for you to go. Pull out your fancy MacBook and get to grinding.

1464 Gratiot Ave, 48207

Phone: 313.737.6606

6. Cafe Con Leche

Cafe Con Leche is serving up all your favorite Mexican treats including Mexican hot chocolate and Las Chulas Champurado which is just full of greatness. In the heart of Southwest Detroit, Cafe Con Leche brings together the community for a nice cup of love and friendship and has been doing this very deed since 2007.  So your next time in Southwest be sure to check out the owners and ask about their famous logo the “Coffee Calavera.”

Southwest location: 4200 W. Vernor Highway Detroit, MI 48209

New Center location: 2990 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202 

Phone: 313. 554-1744

7. Sweet Potato Sensations

I mean if you haven’t been to Sweet Potato Sensations at least once in your life then what the hell are you waiting on? At Sweet Potato Sensations every day you can get a fantastic, mouth watering have you flat on your ass begging for more sweet potato pie. This family owned business has been in the neighborhood since 1988 and has held their title of the “Sweet Potato Lover’s Heaven on Earth” since then.

17337 Lahser Road Detroit, MI 48219 

Phone: 313.532-7996