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Midnight Melodies.



A young LA native who produces some of the most amazing hip hop beats that naturally make you want to dive in his magical flavors of  style.

Producing music since he was 14 and continuing to elevate, Shlomo is hitting the list of perfect tunes to vibe out to and take a trip.

Listen to the EP and find out why he is going down in the perfect Midnight Melodies playlist.

drift her.

uplift her.

the power is within her.




Midnight Melodies.


If you know me you know I love bedroom music. Chop and screw me, give me weird voices…that’s my favorite type of shit. That’s why I love Savon plus he’s super young and from Michigan. This guy is one of my favorite producers. Total gem to the ears…

Be on the lookout for more masterpieces from this artist!


Birth to Underground Music.

This mix will have you in the mirror feeling all over yourself…or maybe that’s just me haha.

When I first heard JETS “U-N-I” I automatically put it on my next Vinyasa playlist that shit was that ill. The way the mix flowed I knew the rest of their music was magic!

The amazing duo includes Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart b.k.a Machinedrum. Both of these multi-talented artist have been creating acid trips such as their EP The Chants since early 2012.

Both Edgar and Stewart are solo artist but came together to create this intensely vibed out EP, collaborating with some major underground hitters such as Jesse Boykins lll.

The four-track  EP will sure leave you wanting more as they have a way of using exotic drum beats, glitchy rhythms and fluid melodies that will have you dazed out.

Sit back and enjoy!




Birth to Underground Music

Yes, Alice Smiths “the one” is brilliant and flowing. Her deep vocals make your skin create a layer of goose bumps.

She expresses her Queen mentality on this track, singing about how she is not the one to to be played with and you basically can bounce.


We all may have had similar situations as Alice, escaping it through our ways and making sure the player is exposed in the process.

But anyway…

I first heard this song on “Being Mary Jane” and I couldn’t help but search for the rest, the soulful melody stuck out and I dived in…fully!

Alice was born and raised in DC and went back and forth to Augusta, Georgia where she was surrounded by gospel and soulful influences.

Her music is adored by many who understand the deepness and passion behind her words.  Alice is not just a singer, she writes and produces music that is next level.

Her latest album “she” is the shit, check it out.

Alice Smith Soundcloud

Birth to Underground Music.


Balam Acab – “Now Time”

Mix it up and throw it in the pot to simmer in the soul.

The veins jump. The heart beats. The blood flows.

The mind shifts back and forth to the rhythm of the beat.

It’s nothing like a magical song that you hear for the first time and it leaves you stuck and wanting more. You find yourself pressing repeat, over and over again until you convince yourself to snap out of it.

It has been so many times I stumbled across a song from a artist  and completely fell in love.

I thought it would be cool to share one or two songs a week that has truly inspired me…in hopes you will be inspired too.

Balam Acab is a twenty four year old producer originally from Pennsylvania. Alec Koon better known as “Balam Acab”  produces some of the most deep, trance, atmospheric electronic music. Pouring universal energy into what he creates as it reflects throughout his mixes. Acab has dropped two EP’s so far in his career, both hitting the spot. Check out See Birds and Wander Wonder when the time is right.